After the bubble, where will the live platform go, in 2018 it will give an account of the capital

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original title: where will the live platform after the bubble go? In 2018, the capital will be handed over to

if 2016 is the first year of live broadcast, then 2017 is a turning year for live broadcast.

, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016, there are hundreds of companies that live directly as entrepreneurial projects. In the search of App Store, we can see hundreds of App. But just a year later, the company head broadcast industry reflect the guest seeking bondage listed but not long ago, but the failure of the reorganization, while a large number of live products due to retention problems, have closed, the dense App live pictures, the remaining available products less than one in 6.

from the show to broadcast the game live, live on LOL heat down to eat chicken rampant, there have been investors bluntly in 2017, has been in the broadcast industry, the bifurcation of the crossroads, thus live in the future just a short video company to a realization method, 2017 has become a watershed in order to broadcast industry, then the industry will be how to live in 2018? What's the next thing to do?

recently, the Tencent news quiz penguin, pepper live Betta live, live panda stars such as start-up companies, and industry veteran observers live, discusses on the future of the industry, the following discussion of content arrangement:

2017 direct seeding industry enters a comprehensive shuffle, and resources begin to tilt to the head player

Zhuang Minghao, vice president of

panda TV: the direct live industry has entered the downlink cycle in 2017 and is at the stage of slow climb,


2017, the live broadcast industry has gone through the initial explosion and the peak. Now it has entered the downlink cycle, and the current node has gone up a little bit at the bottom of the valley. It has just climbed the bottom and is slowly climbing up. The area of live broadcast has been relatively clear for 17 years. Echelon layering has emerged. The first tier companies will search for capital market results in 18 years.

, at the same time, in 2017, you were relatively quiet. There's not much noise. It's good for everyone to have time to consolidate the foundation, clear up the business and make up for the missed problems in the past 2-3 years.


Betta live broadcast industry is no longer the air outlet, but the game live in


2017, the live broadcast industry has already retired from the "draught" industry. The industry is undergoing a very intense integration, and a large number of small and medium-sized live broadcast platforms have already withdrawn from the market.

, but the air gap is still playing from the live broadcast. The industry is still at a relatively early stage, and the potential is still huge. There are still many things that can be developed, whether from the upgrading of technology or the development of content.

Zanthoxylum live: in 2017, the growth of the whole industry is slowing down, but the death of the small and medium platform has maintained a good growth of the head platform,

compared with the past year, the growth of the whole live industry has slowed down. But due to the death of a large number of small and medium-sized platforms, the head platform can still maintain a good growth. All live platforms will still be ploughed up in their respective content fields. The head platform will also exert its own industry advantages to exert its own ecosystem network, so that the extension of live broadcast will expand.

industry observer Claire: 2017 has entered a full period of shuffle, the regulatory policy began to force

In the

2017 live industry, there were 17 financing mergers and acquisitions, involving 16 live platforms and hundreds of billions of dollars in financing. In November, Betta live announced that it has completed D round of financing in the first half of the year, the scale of 1 billion yuan. The total financing size of the direct seeding industry expanded in the first half of 2017, but in the second half of 2017, it was obviously much more cold. At the same time, December, Shunya Ying Ke restructuring failed, reflecting off the listing plan ran aground.

from the capital market, investment institutions in the future should be cautious, on the one hand, broadcast industry competing products too much, if the investor wants to screening is not easy, at the same time, this time to enter, the lever is too high; on the other hand, the head of the broadcast platform towards investment and financing are more cautious in investment the general mechanism is not easy.

, at the same time, in 2017, the relevant departments introduced a number of management rules on the direct seeding industry. According to the statistics of the network information department, from 1 to June, all departments had investigated and closed 73 illegal live broadcasting platforms, closed 91443 live rooms, cleaned up 120221 user accounts, banned 38179 illegal anchor accounts and included 1879 serious violin anchors in the permanent blacklist.

2018 is mainly devoted to deep ploughing and anchors, and short video + live broadcast may become a

panda TV vice president Zhuang Minghao: platform in search of new content and export flow entrance, tournament will have the effect of

on the game live

product form, because the coverage of game content itself is almost the same, then the new traffic source will become very important. Meanwhile, the head anchor is also facing the problem of its own life cycle, and they need the new "Scene". This is for

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