The flash of a flash is filled with your world from the bottom of the sea and the rain forest

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no matter whether you believe in this door is a fantasy: through the mist rising off the rainforest parrots, frog low Ming; hidden holes between the rocks and guinea pigs through flashing jerboa Forest Wetland; grass lizards creeping, ball pythons slow; the pool at the end of the shark, the vast sea turtle Meng flies. Here is the magical dream [adorable pet romance].

here sixtieth old children with innocence; boys and girls inspired ideas; their friends broke into the real magic forest.

here is full of laughter and surprise people screaming, also filled with a variety of animal happy scream. In particular, the big parrots are flying and calling, creating a full range of stereoscopic joy.

The most lovely of

is the little bird world. Although they are very small flowers are adorable, but their attachment to the people, make people forget love dunsheng.

here we see the eternity of man and nature, and the proximity of humans to animals. So many animals are full of dependence and trust. What reason do we have to hurt it and destroy it? At this moment I think that Chinese all know the saying: Men at their birth, good in nature!

dipus is a nocturnal animal, but came to this world after Miss seems reluctant to communicate with people, very lovely tiaolaitiaoqu, Meng Meng big ears lost rodents disgusting; long tail on a cluster with a lion and fluff; Bang bounce posture and a kangaroo charm. Unfortunately, the light is too weak, the speed is too fast, and a decent film has not been taken. It doesn't matter. I'm going to go so close.

is undoubtedly the most adorable, capybara here the sweetest and most people around the small animal, as long as you see it at a glance, it will be up to you and let you feed, let you hold, or even go with you. Let your love limitless overflow, an unmanageable!

groundhog seems to be the most busy, it does not stop handling straw, non-stop climb afar, it seems here is the most will live a good son-in-law.