DNF:2017 year end inventory of the most successful ten major jobs this year!

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original title: DNF:2017 year end inventory of the most successful ten major jobs this year!

unwittingly passed the year again, DNF is old one year old, next year poison milk will usher in 10th anniversary! In this new year, we have to check the ten most successful occupation of DNF in 2017, to see what the occupation in this year of brilliance!

TOP10. dark emperor

once the dark emperor is a full brick carrying occupation, because the skills range and without buff, but with 525 national service occupation big revision, dark place to take off directly, not only the output explosion, there is a strong control and reduction and prevention skills, even the Caton phenomenon have been repaired! Whether in China or hanbok, dark empire is a necessary occupation of major brush map match!

TOP9. mechanical

men and women machinery are the most popular export profession this year. The biggest strengthening of this year is to eat yellow and white. It is the strongest of all ares Jinyu dress occupation dress! Whether it is a continuation or an explosion, machinery is the best in the whole profession.



devil may cry before a long time give us the impression that the ink painting circles have crazy output before 525, but after revision, DMC ability has been completely make only superficial changes, the output greatly enhanced from the bottom level of the ghosts became a ghost sword brother! Take turns to Feng Shui, the ghost King finally turn power!

TOP7. sword sect

Zong Mei is the biggest beneficiary of the 525 revision. From a sewer career to a sister version, she has not only the proud figure but also the jealous panel, and a big giant is still standing in the next career balance.

TOP6. ammunition

said once the sewer occupation, and ammunition is definitely on the list, since the sniper was deposed, general of the army for a long period of time have been under pressure in the wells, the balance of occupation until the 525 revision, and ammunition when men become ammunition mighty rulers of the universe, the Powerpuff Girls Peony is the bombing turned Ji, Chun brother and sister rule Luke, become the strongest version of C!

TOP5. wet nurse

is the first nurse occupation beat daddy in the national costume hanbok, but the nurse only version of the anniversary, junior, so only the sister in fifth. The anniversary of the wave of female clergy has spawned a number of appointments nurse, has greatly improved the Antu en raid lack of milk phenomenon, compared to men, the nurse is more easy to operate, lower requirements for equipment, even outsiders do not do


TOP4. Astro

raid early in the turtle, the blind is very discrimination, Zhare let his teammates throw hurt, don't play group blind quotes have been circulated in Arad, but with the arrival of the 90 versions, the blind become Ann Thun, the largest number of occupation, even beyond the nanny nanny! Either the main or C control, the blind performance is very excellent, into the wave burst, large strong kill real word to kill, retreat can tie 6+3 infinite thermal control. It can be said that blind men are the most popular civilian occupations this year.

TOP3. Wuji

Wuji is undoubtedly the most spectacular C occupation this year. All of this is attributed to the early wave that spanned several editions of big enhancement. The black chicken is directly aligned with the 525 revision level of many occupations. The wave at the beginning of the year strengthens directly the career of a ten thousand year old winner, becoming the hottest C career. Countless warriors are going to enter the pit for the irritable big foot. Now many Luke C silky fowl must have a lot of fun at the beginning of the year, ~


TOP2. '

Naidie needless to say, dad is father, assisted a brother, after the trial version of the revision of the Spring Festival next year will become the new solid hurt brother, fully deserve God occupation!

TOP1. hundred flowers

is not wrong, the most successful career of the year is a hundred flowers! Each group of mixed pig warriors can not but daddy must have a flower, flower as the most relaxed occupation group, this year can be said to have to eat and drink, a green turtle from mixed to Luke, some more from a flower

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