Peak???? Ying Pu????? An Han Feng Hao???? C "juan Xuan Bian????,? And? Pu Ying Huan crepe???? this???? by?.??,?

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original title: after eating beans, the whole body is chill, and the patient is diagnosed and poisoned. You may have eaten this bean too.

is the so-called "words can not say anything, but can not eat"

eat in our Guangdong = f

that outsiders will be included in our "chowhound" ranks

(such as Fujian on the deep


what all the Cantonese love to eat

is flying in the sky, and all walks on the ground like

but recently

Gong in Nansha, Guangzhou, because of eating

had a problem

(see what is the food stamp Linking you)