Look at what's the expected PC games in 2018

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original title: look at what's the expected PC game

in 2018

in the previous express, we talked about the" AVG Hall-A: cyberpunk bartender action "from Venezuela's AVG game. Although the game came from far South America, two Japanese magical girls producers brought a good quality game to the players. Now the game has finally updated the Chinese version, which has also praised the domestic players.

the Chinese version is one of our oldest translation goals, and now it's finally done. We hope that you don't expect you to become mature works of the gift, I hope you will understand all the contents from the game player can play. Thanks to the members of the Chinese version of the translation team to make the dream come true!

if you have played this game, it should be able to understand why a lot of people are eager to Chinese. You play the role of a bartender in the game of VA-11 Hall-A: cyberpunk bartender action. The main thing is to chat with every guest who comes to drink, and prepare the corresponding wine for them. There will be huge text information in the game that you need to read, so this updated Chinese can help you get to know the content of the story and friendly to the new players.

I have wine. Do you have a story?


2017 is about to pass, and in this year we have seen a lot of good games. Nintendo's hat brother has shocked you. There are all kinds of powerful 3A works to bomber the players' eyeballs. Many independent games are mushrooming in front of everyone.

escape from the day "escape" in this year's E3 show already and we met, it is a "legend" twin brothers: developers Hazelight produced a specially tailored for double action game. Although the game is no stranger to the game, the story of the two protagonists was more emphasized in the escape.

game twists and turns about "a passion Leon and Vincent launched a series of adventures, memorable action scenes, including car chase, stealth, melee, shooting and so on." Because of the mandatory double person cooperation, you have to find a friend or collaborate online to play happily, which is probably an important way to test whether a friendship is strong enough.

soap drops and

to pick up

: bloody night ceremony

this is a "demon city" by former series producer Igarashi Koji launched to raise public funds more than $5 million 500 thousand in the game, game player was also considered "demon city" spiritual sequel.

games adopted the 2D horizontal version of the customs clearance

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