Inventory of those talented beauty. 16 year old genius girl eSports gaming attention surge

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original title: inventory of those with Yan and talented 16 year old genius girl beauty eSports gaming concern rose

in recent months, the competition can be described as fast taylor. From the occupation player to play live girlfriend, "surface brothers" break, to the famous anchor hanging open caused by the war of words. Although the play more fierce material but you eat melon is not tired of reading the reader? Today small will take you to enjoy another scenic US gaming circles - gaming beauty.

MISS big miss

is often called "on MISS" by the LOL master, the original name of the Miss Miss named Han Yiying, once the first beauty of China's wow. Received a number of gaming women's champion in the men's game, also have good performance. Miss is a lot of honor the occupation female cybersports players. After retiring, turn to LOL circle. This is the Chinese LOL professional female explanation, the professional level and the sound line of sound leads the new generation of explanation. Miss sound line is very good, the appearance is also very sweet. Until now, the MISS diaries are still the favorite LOL teaching videos of many LOL fans.

LF177 little sister

this little sister is more immortal. 177 little sister leaves formerly Qianqian, is a Shanghai girl, now is still watch pioneer LF team captain, Chinese OW's first occupation player, had a hand Angel surprise four, and another team players using the shell Pharaoh eagle, also known as the most strong combination of flying. However, she is only 16 years old, and the future prospects for development are very big. With the match of the race, the 177 miss is getting more and more popular. I hope this little sister will be able to shine on the international stage.

Eve Leya

Eve Legna, real name Lu every day, can be said to be the most gaming circle immortal heroes union interpretation, is not only a gaming commentary or gaming content at the same time the female boss around. In addition to Iraq on "hero alliance" video "programs have done many times" roll "spray his show" have achieved good results. These online video programs did bring a lot of joy to the LOL fans in the time of the live broadcast. Now Eve Leiya is married, the groom is a famous Internet writer unending potatoes. When the news came out of marriage, the whole LOL player and the novel readers were shocked. It was impossible to think that the game circle fairy and the literary go could come together.

gaming circles of the little sister actually is very much, my dear buddy. Who do you want most? Boldly show her name! return to the Sohu, see more


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