DNF: How did you spend Christmas? It's better to see my sister than Luke!

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original title: DNF: How did you spend Christmas? It's better to see my sister than Luke!

Christmas is over. I didn't know it until Christmas that night. I was thinking about the festival. I should go out to look at my sister outside. It's boring for a person to play games. It's time to see the outside world.

just got dressed and was ready to go out to play. Who knew that the friend gave me a good thing.

I'm going to play a bird and continue to turn on the computer to see my car! Where the girls outside are good! Take off your pants and prepare toilet paper. Think carefully about Luke being able to brush Luke again today. The old dams and the Dnf have made my life entangled.

film can be seen later, Luke will not be able to do it! I still have 20 bad to upgrade the last supercontinent!

ideal Luke casually out of 3 magic eye line ah, anyway, is not accustomed, but...

no one for me! But fortunately, no, when upgrading the B set, we should pay attention to the need to not upgrade wrong!

more than one game player upgrade is wrong, we should learn a lesson, I could not help but laugh, this is funny than more than one


again reminded everyone to pay attention, never upgrade the wrong, upgrade the wrong time of a month will be wasted. Luke finished the abyss, went on the way to the epic, in case of the day!

How can we see an epic in the epic way of

sleeping trough? What else is the meaning of this game? Why don't you go out to sing with my girls? I can't brush the last one. I'm going out


... The horse brother also too authentic! How to give two ancient wishes! How to give two ancient wishes! Shut out for girl, later I will not play DNF! If my son to play then I'm sorry


to be continued...

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From: DNF:圣诞节你是怎么度过的?看妹子不如打卢克!
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