HUAWEI executives suspected of bribery, was awarded the highest honor award "the internal management of the blue blood shijie"

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original title: HUAWEI executives suspected of bribery, won the highest honor award for the internal management of the blue blood Shijie

today has news that tenghung Fei, the executive vice president of HUAWEI consumer BG Greater China, has been taken away from the investigation. According to the operators in the world network reported, Hongfei Teng has been a long time does not appear in HUAWEI, the thing has been HUAWEI consumers BG high in most people know.

According to the

news, HUAWEI on the first financial evening said in response to reporters, the original consumer business China regional sales director Teng Hongfei days before suspicion of non national staff of bribery, has been taken coercive measures of public security organs. On suspicion of criminal offences, the police are in the investigation. All of them are requested to disclose information by the police.

The internal corruption of

HUAWEI has been highly valued at the top level. As early as in 2005, HUAWEI management through the "EMT declaration of self-discipline", through the institutionalized oath of all levels of demand for all cadres, to eliminate internal corruption. In January 2013, HUAWEI held the "board of directors self-discipline declaration sworn conference" in high profile. At the beginning of this year, HUAWEI also held an oath Conference on the work style of cadres at the Bantian base in Shenzhen. The oath includes "I do not use the company's resources, I can't take up the working time, and do the private affairs for the superior or his family." In the case of special circumstances that are not available, the beneficiary should declare and pay the relevant expenses.

according to the first financial journalists understand that Teng Hongfei had won the award this year HUAWEI internal management of the blue blood Shijie, and in the terminal Department of popular internal executives attention, but from December 19th onwards, micro-blog and WeChat Hongfei Teng friends have stopped updating. A source close to Hongfei Teng told reporters that the two days I heard was investigated.


executives had been involved in the blue blood Shijie

HUAWEI, the original consumer business China District Sales Manager Teng Hongfei days ago on suspicion of non national staff of bribery, has been forced to take measures to the public security organs.

but HUAWEI did not respond more to more details.

according to the current public information situation, the original department manager Hongfei Teng occupation, 2014 came to the HUAWEI office. He worked in NOKIA early and worked as a general manager of NOKIA west district and south district. He moved from NOKIA to Samsung in 2012, and became general manager of Samsung Electronics Southern China district.

2014 in May, Teng Hongfei switched to HUAWEI, HUAWEI consumers BG executive vice president of Greater China, in charge of sales. With sales of HUAWEI terminal in Chinese enlarges rapidly, the position and functions of the more important Hongfei teng.

first financial reporter learned that, in March this year, a HUAWEI internal reception, Teng Hongfei awarded by HUAWEI blue blood Shijie title, the award is HUAWEI management system the highest honor award.

HUAWEI rotating CEO Guo Ping have stated that the blue blood Shijie said, make a significant contribution to the construction of management system of the HUAWEI blue blood Shijie awards, both the historical Hero Awards, but also to those in various fields and their respective positions, unknown to the public to contribute more to the management system builders salute.

but the 25 day morning, media reports, Hongfei Teng has been a long time did not appear in the company, the thing has been in HUAWEI consumers BG in the top most people know.

first financial reporter noted that Teng Hongfei in micro-blog released a final state and the head 6 new conference, with the text "wish sold, in December 19th also reply to the opinion of others, but has not been updated.

a once and had contact with Hongfei Teng supply chain manufacturers who told reporters that at present only heard of investigation, but do not understand what the situation is. "His friend's circle to No. 19 has not been updated." The personage said to the first financial reporter.


HUAWEI called "zero tolerance"

for internal corruption

HUAWEI said HUAWEI has been doing business with the principles of honesty and business ethics, with zero tolerance for internal corruption.

currently, HUAWEI has three major block business, including communication network equipment (operator), enterprise network and consumer electronics. HUAWEI consumer BG is a business group of HUAWEI, which covers HUAWEI mobile phones, tablet computers, mobile broadband, home terminals, home media terminal products and module products, intelligent enterprises and other solutions services, and the industry is often referred to as HUAWEI terminal.

in fact, as the fastest growing business sector in HUAWEI, HUAWEI consumer BG has witnessed the achievements of the past few years.

Last year, HUAWEI accounted for about 10% of the global smartphone market, second only to Samsung and apple, according to

, a market research agency, IDC. HUAWEI's consumer business, CEO Yu Chengdong, has revealed to the outside world that HUAWEI plans to surpass Apple next year.

has completed 112 million shipments in the first three quarters of this year, and in anticipation, global HUAWEI shipments are about 160 million this year.

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