We are still on the old road of education in Taiwan more than ten years ago.

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original title: we are still on the old road in Taiwan education more than a dozen years ago...

returned to Beijing. When I opened a certain degree to find out some data about Taiwan experimental education, I found that there were few reports and introductions about Taiwan's experimental education. , "three methods of experimental education", "", "12", "", "108" course , "special material" . The education in Taiwan is being carried out in full swing, and we are almost completely ignorant of the mainland. In Taiwan, there has been a series of discussions about how to change school running by people and government. The experience of Taiwan's education reform is worth learning and learning from many aspects.

What are the three methods of "experimental education" and "three methods of experimental education"?

, in short, "experimental education" is a way of education that allows us to jump off the existing educational system and do a lot of experiments and innovation. , curriculum and teachers can not be regulated by the government. It can be divided into different types according to the source of funds for running a school, and it also corresponds to the different degree of freedom of running a school.


of experimental education in Taiwan

2014, "senior secondary education stage non school education form experiment implementing regulations", " school forms of experimental education implementing regulations" and "public elementary and junior high school primary school principal for private regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "experimental education three") have been launched, there will be more flexible and the space into the experimental education in public schools, also let the legal protection of homeschooling individuals or groups; school management towards diversification, specialization, open education rights to more institutions and individuals; parents have more of the right to education.

since 2014, "three experimental education law" promulgated has in the past 3 years, according to statistics Taiwan "parent-child world" magazine (as of January 17), "Experimental School of public 41 , public private 8 experimental school, the educational institution or group mechanism of self-study, self-study, private experimental schools, other forms of 73 . This time we went to Taiwan, also coincided with the legislative review of "experimental education law amendment three" during the "public" Experimental School total cap may be relaxed from the current 10% to 1/3, there are more and more "public" will appear in Taiwan experimental school.

International Seminar on experimental education

should be invited by the experimental education promotion center of Taiwan University of political science. Yang Dongping, Dean of education research twenty-first Century and LIFE Jun (one) went to Taiwan again to participate in the 2017 International Symposium on experimental education, the voice of Asia.

and June were also compared with the "third Taiwan Experimental Education Forum" held by the government experimental education promotion center. This seminar focuses more on the academic research and analysis of experimental education. As early as July of this year, the government issued a promote education center for the whole of Asia's call for papers information, therefore, the seminar also has other researchers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries to participate in the practice of educational innovation, share their country.


Symposium totaled two days, and it was divided into two links: "topic speech" and "paper publication". The part of the paper is divided into four main topics: experimental education teachers, rural education, home education and experimental education system . in addition to President Yang Dongping on behalf of the twenty-first Century Education Research Institute conducted a "current situation and Prospect of China education innovation theme, research institute this year to do on " Chinese "home school" survey report " " and "innovation small school" survey report "of the publish and share. When we introduce these mainland education innovation cases, our friends in Taiwan feel surprised and excited. They put forward various questions, and want to know the practice of good educational innovation on the other side, and get inspiration from them.

in many published, Professor Ye Mingzheng from Taichung University impressed me, his research topics "of" the organization and operation of the local level school review forms of experimental education, he considered the organization of county and city schools through the investigation forms of experimental education, and to specific counties as the case, to show the school forms of Experimental Education Council operation present situation, finally put forward suggestions. I

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