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original title: lovers loyalty test, is a doomed eternally pit


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the best proof of love is probably trust.

", "Wei", "Wei", "Yu" ","

lovers' loyalty test,

"is a doomed eternally pit

online has a way to distinguish between real and false money: the real money is gray after the fire is burning, and the fake money is black after the fire is burned.

but this is a great loss method, and everyone is reluctant to test it.

you burn down his money, then looked at the floor of gray, "happiness" to tears: "Oh, that piece of real money".

"Curiosity kills the cat", not all things can be tested.

but one of the stupidest things about the partnership between lovers is the lover's loyalty test.

is troubled by love tests

on a treasure to provide mysterious lover loyalty test service, a month sales of hundreds of.


procedure is very simple, you only need to provide the lover's social accounts, someone will go there, a try...... Prices vary from dozens to thousands of pieces.

if you want to see if your boyfriend is a dregs, give the account to the customer service. Immediately, the beautiful little sister will add his WeChat, and then lie about "the wrong signal" and talk about it.

usually, someone mistakenly adds WeChat, and your attitude is nothing like receiving a wrong call. In particular, the circle of friends on the other side is all a purchase of information, lottery tickets and so on, you are not willing to delete friends from each other.

testability's routines are not generally deep. With your boyfriend WeChat girl, not only the picture and circle of friends self beauty, but also in the beginning of the one or two sentence of speech, identify, dispel the concerns of pull pin tahan.

then, in my sister's all kinds of good and provocative, your male ticket even said, "you are still single, not to see a movie". The guest service will give you a chat screenshot at this time, tell you, the test is finished, the man is not mistaken.

slag man in his chapter cover on the bottom, two people are forced to rip along with the birth of the.

just had a good chat. It must be a cell phone.

another on the left to see the chat on the left, think of the man who promised to love me only. had a good love, it must be love without electricity.

even love loyalty test may cause irreparable consequences, in real life, it is still unable to stop.

There is a test on the

network. You send a WeChat to the lover, "I see a picture of you sleeping with someone". What happens to you?

couples joke also need to grasp the sense of propriety, you are assured, but the other party has to accept so nonsensical suspicion.

for those who have taken this relationship seriously, the suspicion is boredom and repugnance.

love, also enemy but again without any cause or reason of suspicion.

and such a result is not the worst.