You are just a good taste. The grain is not the only way to wear the upper body

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original title: you are just good taste, the lattice is not only wearing the upper body

's classic pattern is a well deserved fashion supremacy.

Gewen element

wit and infinite from British development one thousand years ago to now, both the classic black and white plaid, traditional red plaid, or youthful blue plaid, have interpreted its unchanged fashion status.

it can be elegant, introverted, low-key and extravagant, full of personality, playing the tone is not vague.

but it seems to be the code name of the programmer's brother in the country.

and! No Is! Are supermodel stars all right?

if you still feel that there is no supermodel star's figure, it is still very insipid, try them!

The lattice element

on the

1/ package

, which is full of British style, has always been a classic element of fashion. Designers are bold to transform on the basis of grid, let classic grid catch up with fashionable footsteps, and play different styles every season.

The classic of the

pattern is that it can withstand the return of the tide again and again, and is adapted to the different styles of the different fashion cycles for a long time.

a plaid handbag of course is the best choice for pose, is also very special!

Vivienne westernwood is also a striker, with a pink dumpling bag with a spring taste.

classic Chanel, of course, will not pass the element.

2/ a striped silk scarf


scarf, the "caution machine", has been promoted to the popular ornament in the spring, and can be tied to the tie when the chocker is used.

an antique silk scarf will be a good choice to make the whole look more stable.

or tied to the hair, the summer is coming. You are sure to bring surprises, nifty and loveliness that do not want to wash your hair.

The lattice

miumiu bandage ballet shoes popular in a fashion circle.

is in fact a ballet shoe on top of a striped silk scarf, may as well be able to own DIY, the rest of a lot of money.

or striped shoes are a good choice to match clothes.

3/ retro pattern

lattice ornaments can be said to be the equivalent of Vintage! Elegant makeup has a mysterious temperament.

, with a strong European court culture, is influenced by the Baroque art of the Renaissance. It is colourful, peculiar and exquisite, with exquisite brooches.