It is certain that the new skin on the shelf of the young sister of the Yin Yang teacher and the young sister of the night must be the fairy maiden

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Yin and Yang, the young sister's new skin on the shelves must be the fairy maid Ben immortal is right

onmyoji kaguyahime [moon] new skin bamboo quiet on intelligence, smart eyes, head Daiyue crown, hand-held fan, body with rabbit kaguyahime with new clothes and ~

winter moonlight, clear and cold

light, soft, like flowing water


passes through a quiet bamboo forest and purses in the wooden house,

the floor dotted with variegated

three little rabbits moved ears, wrapped in a small cotton padded jacket

ran back to the house to find the owner of all this round of Jiaozhi Lang

New Year Festival second years to play the piece of information [hatsumoude] skin

new incoming!

new light, illuminate the night of the moon

string string is good, full crawl high

pic.@ easy to fly self

looks sweet, gentle kaguyahime very attract small animal ~


pic.@ lamp

Mr. cresset

ah, how the four rabbit sharawadgi (` to into into


pic.@ horseradish vinegar


collection to Liu brothers and sisters (o * = at less than their



pic.@ date

skin appreciation

painter. @Nine- eight cloud nine

little rabbits are so lively ~ (/ / Omega /)

acquisition mode

kaguyahime [Third] to fight the baby skin, on the bamboo you will be updated in December 27th after the returned to the Sohu, see more "editor-name"


From: 阴阳师辉夜姬小姐姐新皮肤上架 一定是仙女本仙没错了
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