Your clothes still don't wear Hu He, it's a country wind!

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original title: your clothes still do not wear Hu He, it is clearly the country wind!

although Hu He and Sha Yi are both big stars, their star qualities are not carried around. If they don't attend major activities, Hu He will dress themselves very casually, even if they wear over 10000 top coats, they can still show a strong rural temperament. It seems that the dress is still dependent on the temperament, or it is the performance of the clothes.

's Coloured collar, which looks more warm and green, has dressed Hu He so overstaffed, and no one.

lattice texture slim wind, collocation a black jeans, Hu He body fat, really is not high wearing feeling, showing the rural temperament, the lack of star fan children.

casual dress, mainly in order to make himself comfortable, Hu He with a big box, with a woman's temperament, really do not understand what Sha Yi likes her?

half a meatball hairstyle, looks very lively, the Yellow trumpet cuff coat, with the Striped loose leg pants, shows the feminine beauty and the advanced feeling.

participated in the activities of a brand. Hu He's black dress, with white high heels and unmarried figure, still envied people's admiration.

after marriage, began to change, the white sweater collocation net version of black slacks, a pair of black shoes, make yourself more lovely.


cow patterned coral pajamas made Hu He keep warm during pregnancy. At that time, Hu He had a happy face. Now the family is happy, but the dressing is too casual. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 贵衣服还是不要给胡可穿了,分明就是乡村风!
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