If you're too high sugar, maybe you can try this dessert.

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original title: if you are also high sugar intolerance, maybe try this dessert

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it is invited to try to launch a dessert, he also maintained a consistent style. The boss said that Chinese jasmine tea was added to the Chinese jasmine tea. Though I don't have many opportunities to drink Chinese herbal tea at ordinary times, the aroma of jasmine in my impression is very elegant. When the hot water is brewing, the aroma will soon be exhausted. It is not as strong and thick as black tea and oolong tea.

this makes the innovation of jasmine tea as the raw material for traffic accidents. Before also tried some added Jasmine elements of food and drink, the result is either Jasmine was completely upstaged the other ingredients, eat no flavor, or deliberately strengthen flowers using chemical flavouring agent excessive, eat plastic sense. So, although the concept of "tea" is not new, it is just a good thing to do with the chef.

"bitanpiaoxue" this Jasmine Tea as a creative element, a total of four dessert. Like a meal and kaiseki, appetizer, entree and dessert ending, like many, but the taste is good "getting better". This dessert each use bitanpiaoxue Jasmine Tea collocation into the dish, the other ingredients, do not eat the tea out of the design depends on the chef.

the fruit ball as a former dish is enough refreshing. Three flavors of red peach, white peach and mango, quickly open the taste buds. A small bowl of tea is the use of bitanpiaoxue tea Jasmine Tea added a little sweetness. Although this dish is straightforward to use jasmine, but fruity sweetness is not just perfect tea, grabbed the limelight.

cup of ice cream is added bitanpiaoxue tea production, and Milk Blended well. Hot peach juice needs to be poured. The heat of the peach juice melts the white chocolate chips of the upper layer and the jasmine ice cream together. The success of the free acid peach ice cream and chocolate sweet feeling. The bottom layer of caramel nut crumbs makes this look a little soft, with some sense of taste. The Mt Fuji cup, which is used for the dessert, has a feeling of "cherry blossom on the snow mountain" under the mask of peach juice. It is pretty beautiful.

the main dish is the mousse cake, which combines Chinese and Japanese tea elements. The top layer is made of Japanese Matcha mousse cake, here is Jasmine Tea. On the palate, the chef made jasmine flavor caviar with bitanpiaoxue tea, sprinkled around the cake. It is like a fluttered snowflake in form. Mousse cake and texture is very good, Jasmine Tea fragrance and green tea mousse sweet and is appropriate.