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original title: Pope Christmas call for Jerusalem peace prayers

, the Pope Francis, released the Christmas "universal blessing" ceremony speech at noon on December 25th in Rome, calling for prayer for peace in Jerusalem. He mentioned that the wind of war is blowing up all over the world now. He also called for a "two state programme" to resolve the Palestinian Israeli conflict through the Palestinian state.

Pope Francis in St. Peter cathedral on the balcony said in a speech in this festival, the holy city of Jerusalem for the peace prayer to the Lord, all prayers conflict can regain dialogue will eventually through negotiations, let Israel and Palestine in international recognition within the boundaries of peaceful coexistence.

this is Francis Trump break the U.S. diplomatic practice for dozens of years, announced in December 6th that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel after the second speech on the holy city of Jerusalem. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 教皇圣诞呼吁为耶路撒冷和平祈祷
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