Who won the 2017 airport street? The women stars laugh without saying

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original title: who won the 2017 airport Street pat? Women stars laugh and don't speak

finally arrived in the last week of 2017, and today COCO wants to take the 2017 best airport racket with your little fairy. Now the female stars are just as the airport than the battlefield, each one with the most fashionable LOOK exhaust all the skills to dedicate to you! 2017, it is also a relatively stable and bright year for the female star airport street. Let's take a look at these COCO today. The performance can be very representative.

Yang Mi

's first thing to say is to take the big power of the queen. This year Yang Mi's airport street is the most obvious girl. All the seasons of the year have a natural feeling of maiden, which other female stars cannot reach. And she won the racket this year with a sense of detail, and come along with COCO!

in fact, Yang Mi's summer collocation is quite simple. She loves the wear of Tee+ short skirts / shorts. It's fashionable, nice and good - looking, without a little bit of cumbersome, or with a baseball cap to light up all over the body.

looks at the "next half of the body", which is the most powerful power of the power. It also shows a great deal in this year's street racket. A loose sweater became her first choice. It is very useful to wear a comfortable feeling and a little nifty to steal a boyfriend's clothes.

power power for cowboy coats is also quite a preference, after all, it is a concave shape of the artifact and nothing to go wrong with anything. For example, the following two sets of cowboy LOOK, a white sweater inside, and a black tights inside, fully demonstrate the enduring and fashionable status of the cowboy coat.

great power power of this year's racket in the piled LOOK is also very brilliant, especially the following two sets. The most important thing is the level of sense of hierarchy. Yang Mi is also good at using deep tone to create a sense of hierarchy, so it is worth learning from.

in addition to a sense of maiden, Yang Mi's 2017 Street racket is also very stylish and stylish. She prefer something handsome single product, jacket and sweater often create a body, not sloppy neat feeling.

Yuan Shanshan

Yuan Shanshan's street beat is obviously a lot better than 2016 this year, and the style is very sharp. It looks comfortable and generous with the style of the street pat.

spring and summer collocation is very cool, it looks very good. At the same time, the single product is also very simple, lining out a small and fresh and fashionable taste.

summer is the most Tee+ jeans, and in the autumn and winter is a sweater + jeans, a good grasp of the more concise and more favorable collocation theory.

, and you Shan Shan is also keen on the most popular brand explosion. Balenciaga cowboy coat, Reebok sports jacket and Off-white cowboy coat are all super products this year. They are all well done by her.

and her wear and ride are not so aggressive, so there is no suspicion of the concave shape. Look comfortable and concise, Yisibuwen explains what is fashionable.

her many LOOK in fact can be copied, this is a valuable reference for girls.

style to maintain a high level, in fact, 2017 of the street beat is still pretty bright.

Tang Yan

This year's

sugar street can be said that the change is very large, basically was the "overbearing female president" around. A variety of coat, jacket profile have become her favorite, less tender feeling, more straightforward taste a lot.


above two, and the total sugar is set is not very consistent with? The handsome cowboy coat and the boyfriend jacket are very good with her sweetness.

The overlength of

's overcoat in her autumn and winter racket is also very high, which really makes the gas field a lot more.

coat + hoodies, warm and chic, plaid style is also a bit retro flavor.


sugar overcoat is very important with the details, such as the color of the shoes and the color of the coat, which makes the whole sense very strong.

this year, Tang Yan's street tone is also a lot deeper, whether it is spring or summer or autumn and winter, dark color is her favorite.

profile suit like this is the collocation of jeans, sugar domineering side show is in place. To be true, she is well suited for such a style.


has been giving the impression of sweet candy, but 2017 of the street she was showing domineering exposed

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