It's not true! After a day of "higher mathematics is refers to the leak, finally came to an end......

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original title: not real! After a day of "higher mathematics is refers to the leak, finally came to an end......

2018 national postgraduate entrance examination after just one day, "postgraduate mathematics declared yesterday. It became the focus of public opinion.

just now, the Ministry of Education Examination Center responded to this: "today, a tutor video of a teacher's postgraduate entrance examination is suspected to reveal the math problem of postgraduate entrance examination. The examination center of the Ministry of Education organized the experts to study the video and other materials, confirming that the examples were all different from the actual test questions. Both the teachers and the teachers mentioned in the video did not participate in the propositional work of the 2018 postgraduate entrance examination. The Ministry of Education Examination Center official said that any disruption of the national education examination behavior, once verified, will be severely dealt with according to the law, will not be tolerated."

now, Xiaobian for readers and comb PubMed writing releases the topic event "-

12, at 12:45 noon, the netizens @ Yu Ge postgraduate entrance examination sent out that the math problem of this year's postgraduate entrance examination is rather difficult, and even appeared "superclass" topic in the outline of postgraduate entrance examination.

, however, the number of users of micro-blog today issued a document that they found a mathematics lecturer in the graduate before a period of 2 hours of teaching video, but not only the magic "bet" to this question, but in the video also emphasized that this is the year of the test center.

a candidates said, ", requiring a math three order differential equation of two order differential equation only can understand, basically most teachers are so taught, but the teacher in his guidance class not only speak to order two differential equations, about the problems with the original title is very close, but also some problems basically is the data changed, that is coincidence unconvincing."

"involved teacher" Li Lin did not take part in the previous year's postgraduate study

12 26 afternoon, "the teachers involved in their personal" Li Lin micro-blog "teacher Li Lin 2017 said in a statement, they have not participated in the calendar year (including this year) section of the proposition, also did not participate in the calendar year (including year) make examination outline, relevant remarks online is not true. Li Lin also said, never carried out online charge of postgraduate entrance examination for any student, not like the Internet that charge high tuition fees 16000 yuan, did not provide a kaoyanzhenti. If it is not true, it is willing to take legal responsibility.

below the statement full text:

at the same time, 12 26 April afternoon, School of Mathematical Sciences of Dalian University of Technology vice president Yu Huadong has responded, Li Lin did in the after-school tutoring classes part-time, but did not affect the normal teaching.

in the East, Li Lin is not a student, "what is the ability to stay . He had declared yesterday foundation, just a junior lecturer in class, the prestige is not large. Besides, he has been teaching for so many years, and it is normal to be able to get to the point of knowledge. If even thirty or forty percent of them are not, they are not qualified. "

"we are looking for someone to hype, if it is a false accusation, we must enter the sentence." He said there were some contradictions between the tutoring classes, and Li Lin did not deal with the relationship. "Some people have been in our school. To intervene in the public security organs, if it is declared yesterday, then the law."

12 22 April, Dalian University of Technology School of Mathematical Sciences issued a "School of Mathematical Sciences on reiterated the ban to organize or participate in activities of postgraduate entrance examination notice", again, all the teachers participate in the postgraduate activities strictly prohibited.

Dalian University of Technology: Participation

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