All the women stars from all of Asia are here. They are a textbook for girls!

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original title: all Asian pop stars are here. It is simply a teenage sense textbook.

IU (Li Zhien, 1993, Korean singer, actor)

third promised listening to her singing "Sakura" in addition to the spring, love and

Pei Xiuzhi (born in 1994, Korean actor, singer)

spring and summer (born in 1992, Chinese actor)

future incense (sagittal incense, born in 1997, Japanese actors, models)

brother actually love the entertainment actress, it has experienced several years of senior [face] catfish "destruction", recently began popular [face] [] sense of virgin girl, you never know the public appreciation of the wind blows, the face should go the direction in which the whole.

when it comes to girls, your brain is still emerging, Joey Wong Vivian Chow, the brother can only say: boy, girl and not the old goddess how much of a difference.

today with the inventory of all around Asia, entertainment that although not flowers, but the face is a girl face female star ~

Jean ~

first number

Ivy Chen (born 1982, Chinese actor), appeared in one great reputation while exposing the age of TV drama "struggle", including "riffraff hero" "hear me" army "paradise" and so on, the girl convinced three sense actress, not one of the!

11, no trace of 35 years old!"

girl sense skills: vitality, silkworm, perfect smile ~

Tan Songyun (born 1990, Chinese actor), originally as a 90 generation actress should not appear in the list in the sense of the girl, but, after watching the following stills, I think the rhyme must be selected!

"best US" partner Liu Haoran (1997 birth)

"whirlwind girl" partner Wu Lei (1999)

the point is that she is a couple with these younger brothers, nearly ten years old. Why did Liu Haoran still have the feeling of a big brother in the neighbourhood! This is not scientific!

maiden sense of skill: Nen Dudu lovely round face, meatball head Qi Liu Hai (shouldn't it be said how much hair?)

Yui Aragaki (born 1988, Japanese actor and singer), if you don't know about a 30 year old woman called little sister also does not violate what it feels like to know her.

third think this snow gathering on the nose is foul, you feel young? Recommend her "love space" and "escape although it is shameful but useful" Oh ~

Satomi Ishihara (born in 1986,

From: 全亚洲嫩出水来的女明星都在这儿了,简直是一本少女感教科书!
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