The most competitive cities in China are the most popular amusement parks in China.

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Shenzhen can be said to be the most "non Guangdong" place in the Pearl River Delta, and this city with Beijing and Shanghai is a front line city with the taste of people and all over the country. These "outsiders" brought Shenzhen a vibrant, innovative and inclusive, pluralistic and equal immigrant culture, and created the world-famous "speed of Shenzhen".

Wukong question and answer platform also has a net friend asking: "what are the interesting places in Shenzhen?" Today, let's get together with Xiaobian to understand this famous historical and cultural city, which is loved by 99% of the city's primary and middle school students and enjoys the reputation of "Children Friendly City".

travel to Shenzhen, the most curious is the super dense, super scale theme park. The window of the world is the first place to visit the scenic spots in Shenzhen. This large theme park is a window to show the world's attractions. In addition, there are Japanese tea ceremony, African wind and dance show and other local show, waiting for you to watch.

fine Chinese folk village, with the proportion of 1:15, has mined 82 scenic spots in China, which is called the collection of Chinese natural scenery and the essence of human history. Visitors can not only be a day throughout China, but also to enjoy the 56 ethnic folk customs performances, especially during the water splashing festival every year from June to August the most lively.

Happy Valley is the largest and most advanced modern theme park in China. It is known as one of the ten major theme parks in the Asia Pacific region. The space shuttle, snow dragon, snow eagle, mine car, the perfect storm, sweeping into the game is very exciting. The "magic castle" is also suitable for romantic dating.

Overseas Chinese town

is a large Eco Resort a scenic, scenic area of the Great Canyon tea Valley Theme Park project and a variety of adventure mobile game thrills, summer and winter water world of European town leisurely also fascinating, because some projects may be hydrophilic wet body, suggested that visitors bring their own disposable raincoat.

is located at the three side of Dameisha Seashore Park in the east of Shenzhen special economic zone. It is on the sea and has the longest beach of Shenzhen, which stretches 1800 meters. There are free beach baths and fun water amusement projects in the scenic area, which are very popular with the children.

small Meisha ocean world is located in the enjoyment of the "Oriental Hawaii" reputation of the small Meisha beach, is one of the largest marine theme park, here can not only enjoy the beautiful sea experience mysterious, but also to watch the performances of large whales, dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, geese and other rare animal and enterprise class water.

Shenzhen food diversity is the Pearl River Delta, the famous Paradise Road is a good place to eat seafood in the city. Here brought together dozens of seafood restaurants, a variety of live fresh crab, abalone, oysters, Scallop in Shell dazzle you, and more than 100 yuan to eat to the full price per person by the majority of chowhound favor, especially the late night business is more popular. Welcome to WeChat search public number ranma96 read more original article " return to the Sohu, see more


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