It is the fruit of the "King", had 1 Top 10 apples, you don't know?

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original title: it is the fruit of the "King", had 1 Top 10 apples, you don't know?

there is a very hot fruit in recent years.

from Latin America to Asia

called "fruit king"

it is said that it "eat 1 hundred fragrant fruit can top 10 apples"

you don't know?!



The nutritional value of

aromatic fruit


maracuja containing 17 is rich in amino acids, carotenoid and vitamin, also containing calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements rich, high value of health.


can enhance immunity, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, sober, refreshing kidney and other purposes, in addition to eat flesh, but also water, honey strong> < / made of pure natural fruit juice.

1 passion fruit vitamin C content 8 = < strong>8 = orange apple

1 passion fruit vitamin E content = 15 =< strong>10

apple orange


The efficacy of

100 fragrant fruit


1, health

can be detoxified and nourishing, clearing heat and detoxifying, anti aging, and helping digestion.

2, anti-inflammatory

can effectively prevent and cure hemorrhoids, stomach disease, periodontitis, acne, pharyngitis, and it can also prevent gastroenteritis and acne for a long time.

3, enhanced immunity


4, detoxification and nourishing

the function of 100 fragrant fruit detoxification helps beauty and beauty. A hundred fragrant fruit can purify the body and improve the elasticity of the skin.

5, lowering blood pressure

the dietary fiber and vitamins in the fruit can reduce blood pressure and blood pressure. It is an ideal fruit choice for patients with high blood pressure.

6, insomnia

100 fragrant fruit containing natural calming agent, can make the nerve relax, help the body into deep sleep.

7, refreshment







stature has a bump to cause

select the fruit to pick the shape of the round, change

From: 它是水果中的“药王”,吃1个顶10个苹果,你居然不知道?
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