In the future, children are most likely to be the winners or the defeats of life, which has a great relationship with this feature!

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"what kind of people, most likely to be the winner of life?"

this is the subject of the Grant research at the Harvard University, which is said to be the longest human tracking study so far. It has lasted for 76 years.

What is the


is their research finding: , the success of our expectations is largely related to household chores, and the sooner we start to do housework, the better.

has, over the years as a freshman of Stanford University Dean Julie is recognized, she gave a lecture in TED, call our parents need to pay less attention to children's performance, and put more efforts in providing a good foundation for the child's future success, such as family and friends love and do housework, and she emphasized the housework! And do the housework. And she had a special emphasis on doing housework!

so, what kind of people, most likely to become the losers of life?

in the late Qing Ming Chen Mr. Zeng Guofan's very incisive summary, he said: "people lost pride or sloth."

, that is to say, the big with pride, even gifted will eventually suffer a big; mediocre person, also because of laziness and accomplish nothing!


indeed, laziness is never a small thing! The habit of laziness is enough to destroy a person's life! Moreover, the bad quality of laziness is shameful!

because of laziness, lack of integrity, lazy, want something for nothing, often use their brains go crooked ways! , for example, some prostitutes go astray, in fact, not because they are short of money, but do not want to work, do not want to work!

had a report that a young man of nearly 30 years old, who was tired of working hard to find a job, usually asked his father for money, and he had nothing to do in the Internet cafe. On one occasion, the young man came to his father's work site, and asked his father to ask for money. His father didn't have money for him at that time. He sat on the roof platform of the construction site and threatened his father by jumping off the building. Finally, the site owner paid his father 5000 yuan in advance, and the scene was handed to him.

like this, more than 20 - year - old young people don't work too much... They are addicted to online games and are idle, but they have the heart to stretch their hands to the old parents for that...

also, some graduates will be habitually waiting for others to give tasks after they enter the workplace. They will not take the initiative to help their colleagues, nor will they take the initiative to think about how to do more things that their superiors need. I am very annoyed not to be welcomed by his colleagues, and they are often criticized by the leaders.


How can

avoid such a child? Of course, start from childhood, not wait until the child has developed this inertia to ask him and change him!

is said to have been proposed by the education community in China that legislation should be made to allow children to do housework. In foreign countries, there is a real legislation to allow children to do housework.

German law stipulates specific housework for children of 6~10, 10~14, 14~16, 16~18, and so on. For example, 6~10 years old, occasionally to help parents wash dishes, sweep the floor, buy things; 10~14 years old, to cut the lawn, washing dishes, sweeping the floor and shoes for the whole family and so on.

in Spain, teenagers do housework, fun, greedy, greedy have become a common phenomenon, many parents are at a loss what to do in this country, they asked Congress for help, and through the "labor law" adolescents' household proposals, in order to use the law to change this phenomenon.

doing housework is the instinct of a person to survive. However, the future of a society needs to rely on the law to ask children to do housework.

in today's technological world, children generally lack of initiative, lack of work roll up sleeves instinct!

is intellectualized because of many aspects of life, and the material level of life is improved. People are eager to enjoy things. When a button is pressed, a person's nest can be on the sofa for a whole day. In addition, there is a large part of the reason that our parents are not willing to let their children do the housework when they are young.

do not look at some children to learn very hard, will be able to solve the number of exams, but a return to life, one more clumsy.

did not have enough housework to do exercises and did not cultivate labor and pay habits. They were afraid of fatigue. They couldn't eat a bit of bitter food, and their spirit was fragile, their ability to resist defeat was poor, and their physical quality was also poor. Running half a circle is the face of the air, this is the body organ function in degradation... It is more terrible, no labor consciousness, gradually formed a dependency, used to enjoy, love leisure and hate labour!

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