QG and Lan Xiang come to a partnership to break the wall, and which five to kill the king?

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original title: QG and Lan Xiang to achieve cooperation to break the wall, five kill the king who is strong?

everyone knows that the QGHappy club has successfully won the KPL fall championship and has become the first Grand Slam club. There is no two in the moment.

officials have also prepared a lot of activities to celebrate the birth of the champion. In gaming circles there have been no second words: electronic sports! Indeed, people tend to remember champions, and QG has more traffic, fans and unprecedented resources after winning the title. Even our Lan Xiang technical school has found the club with unlimited potential.

recently, the Lan Xiang School of Lan Xiang college eSports officially announced a strategic partnership, and the QG Club combination, promote the development of e-sports!

maybe your memory of Lan Xiang is still in the era of excavators, but there are all kinds of legends in this school, to check that you will come back to comment.

is a professional electronic sports in recent years with the development of our electric competition, the birth of gaming needs of a large number of professional personnel, can the occupation training players, coaches, tournament workers and other personnel. This course not long, certainly is not perfect, the public impression is basically to go to school to play the game, but a professional gaming professionals need to learn can not simply take the person's head.

's cooperation included the glory of the king, the Jedi, the LOL, and Lan Xiang's graduation to the QG internship, and he felt the top of his life. But the efforts of every professional player are unimaginable.

this time the cooperation seems to have broken the dimension, and it is possible to go to Lan Xiang more than to learn the excavator in the future. Mom, I'm going to Lan Xiang to learn the glory of the king!

gaming industry appears to fame, but playing gaming takes talent, only the results can be seen, there is no result even breathing is wrong. The light has the dream but can not fly, the reason answers, square must always! return to the Sohu, see more


From: QG和蓝翔达成合作打破次元壁,五杀上王者哪家强?
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