Alipay and WeChat to pay the contest, 2017Q3 Mobile Payment Market Report

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original title: Alipay and WeChat to pay the contest, 2017Q3 mobile payment market report

[Technews] science news recently, the third party consulting firm Analysys released 2017Q3 third mobile payment market monitoring report. The report showed that the Q3 China third party paid 29 trillion and 495 billion 920 million yuan in the mobile payment market, up 28.02% and 2.26 times more than the same year.

mobile payment market share, Alipay to 53.73% market share in second way ahead, WeChat payment as the main financial Tencent, the city accounted for 39.35%. Q3 Alipay and Tencent financial total market share as high as 93.08%, occupies the absolute dominant position in the market.

2017Q3 China Mobile payment market share (Source: Analysys)

is more terrible, dominated by Alipay, WeChat is still quite rapid growth of payment.

compared with the same period last year, Alipay's market share increased by 3%. Analysys pointed out that Alipay into mass line scan code, users need to continue developers, consumer business and personal transfer business transactions are showing explosive growth.

Q3 Tencent financial market share rose 1.23% year-on-year, showing a steady rising trend. Among them, the scale of individual service trading is increasing, especially the increase of human transfer business. Thanks to the advantages of the WeChat entrance and the continuous optimization of the products, the Tencent financial credit card repayment business transaction scale also maintained high growth.

Under the force of the

two giant, the time and market space for "others" is not much. The report shows that all other third - party mobile payment platforms, including one wallet and Baidu wallet, have already accounted for less than 2%.

domestic mobile payment market, Alipay VS WeChat to pay two hegemony, who do you like? In December this year, this is what the Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said in an interview:

our mobile payment in the world thanks to pay WeChat and Alipay's competition, especially the three years of fierce competition. The advantage of the competition is that it has quickly popularized China's mobile payment and cash free payment. Alipay has Taobao, its line capacity is relatively strong, but the online payment, WeChat is relatively strong.

, however, with the continuous deep line Alibaba, WeChat payment is not to come up with new ways to deal with Alipay?

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