Original beef jerky: food is the most direct way to wake up memory

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[ingredients] 1250g, pepper, Ginger Beef, 5g 50g, 50g, 5g salt, sugar, soy sauce 5g

select beef cattle tendon, ready to wash; pepper, ginger slices; bovine tendon under cold water pot, boil to remove floating foam; boiling water into the casserole, add pepper and beef tendon; under the ginger, soy sauce, salt and sugar, the fire to boil, simmer for 1. One hour and 20 minutes; turn off, let the cattle tendon soaked in the soup to cool naturally, picked up the drain water; beef cut into about 1.5cm the size of the beef; put it in the shop foil baking sheet; the middle layer, preheat the oven to 120 degrees, on fire, roast for about 2 hours.

like beef jerky dry a bit, bake for 2 hours, like wet mouth, shorten the time to bake. The longer the bake time, the longer the beef jerky can be stored, but it doesn't matter, because the beef jerky is too good to be stored basically.

stick to the beef jerky, give it a piece,

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From: 原味牛肉干:食物是唤醒记忆的最直接方式
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