The most worth seeing China "mountains", Xu Xiake said watching the other mountains do not need to read

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original title: the most worth seeing Chinese "mountains", Xu Xiake said watching the other mountains do not need to read the

Deng Mount Huangshan and the world - Ming mountain traveler Xu Xiake boarded the Mount Huangshan mountains in Wannan was issued after more than a sigh!

Mount Huangshan's beauty, not vulgar, not in the conventional customs, its every landscape is not the same, ever-changing.

early winter in Mount Huangshan as the "Wonderland", it is beautiful, magnificent and enchanting dream. The clouds flow, a mountain like Mount Huangshan to the divine troops descending from Heaven.

rolling hills layers has been spread to the infinite and endless. The so-called "Knowledge is infinite." more so.

with Mount Huangshan and Yuping, Taiping ropeway Yungu cableway cableway opened, mount Mount Huangshan is not difficult. Take this winter as an example, because the days of Dou Feng and the West Sea Grand Canyon have been closed down, tourists can basically visit Mount Huangshan's main attractions within a day, and their physical energy consumption is not large. Most people are competent.

Mount Huangshan is a typical granite landform, steep mountains, Qi Lin, standing height overlooking the peaks, as if the appreciation of a picture of natural landscape painting, the famous painter Mr. Liu Haili ten times have boarded Mount Huangshan, painted in Mount Huangshan as a theme works a lot.

"people say the sky is good, the fairy is happy"

Is the

immortals hidden between the peaks and peaks of the cloud sea?

in Mount Huangshan, every mountain that the eyes see is carved like a fairy with a craft knife.

Mount Huangshan 36 peaks, 36 small peaks, peak peak has a wonder.

boarded Mount Huangshan Zhu Feng, Wang Qian Feng Qixiu, can not help but make people churn the sea of clouds, lofty!

Mount Huangshan is a perturbed mountain. Its beauty is fascinating and memorable. Every picture taken here can be described as "painting". Walking on the path or the trestle of Mount Huangshan is like walking in the fairyland.

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