The first high speed rail to stop the flight! 200 yuan will be able to eat from Chengdu to Xi'an... |8 little pig

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original title: the first to stop the flight of high speed rail! 200 yuan will be able to eat from Chengdu to Xi'an... |8 little pig

for a chowhound, decided to travel largely because local delicacy, if told that there is a high wire can start to eat to the end, you will want to try it?

in December, the high speed rail connecting two gourmet cities was finally opened! It only takes 4 hours from Xi'an to Chengdu. Two equal seats only need 263 yuan!

is still in Xi'an at noon to eat hamburger, the afternoon can go to Chengdu Hot pot line up to eat ~

and look at the piglets today. What's the delicious food that you can't miss this way?


// Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup

Xi'an Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup about "dry digging such as beans, peanut soup, soup wide like bean". In general the morning to eat the best, there are a lot of Xi'an Hakka gluttonous up early to eat "head soup".

// eight treasure rice

eight Rice porridge, rose fragrant, sweet entrance is very smooth lubrication. There are peanuts, sesame, tremella red dates, hawthorn cake, glutinous rice, raisins and Hui famous Rose honey. Super good, a.

// hamburger

Xi'an hamburger eating steamed meat products coke. Bread must be crisp outside soft inside, mouth to eat, and steamed meat with slag. What is the best steamed bun: pinch Golden Circle silver edge, chrysanthemum heart.

// Qin-yu hamburger

the steamed slightly thick, the taste of the meat is broken, meat with some more fragrant. It has a great variety, not enough to eat. A down flow of oil that satisfaction, only Xi'an can bring you a hamburger.

// Kroraina mutton string, Guri Gongliu Shawan braised chicken, baked buns

this restaurant opened more stores in the inner N a year in Xi'an, Xi'an was highly appreciated by connoisseurs, suitable for eating barbecue oh. The lamb string baking heat is excellent, outside Giori tender, fragrant, 9 yuan cheaper than a street.

Xi'an's Shawan chick, good taste, spicy, potato noodles. The only store in Xi'an a household making chicken chicken market.

// Ma two

Boiled dumplings soup

from the shop since thirty years sells only one kind of stuffing, beef chives stuffing. He's the first to eat dumplings have to drink sour appetizer, especially acid cool fun, chili touch. A mouthful of soup goes on, and there is a special feeling.


Steamed Jiaozi light soup

15 yuan a cage, basically each has a full spoon of beef soup, super good drink. A thin skin tender and delicious, with a compact, each have beef balls, beef flavor.


plum flower grandmother

Hui Fang famous flower grandmother, see this sign and ice cabinet is it. Plum flavored, Laozaoping cool thirst.

// Liu Ming persimmon slump

Next to

flower granny, there is a Liu Ming persimmon in the house, which is very delicious. Unfortunately, it is only sold after September.

// Luo family

ten years old, for the production of dry mix for sub surface. He made minced meat salty and spicy taste, very unique. The food code is still rich, with bean sprouts, potatoes, celery and spinach.

// old Li family meatball spicy soup

paste soup entrance first pepper flavor, crisp numb. Then the red chilli oil paste flavor. In the end you can feel the beef balls, the vegetables, the vegetables

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