It is worth visiting the island, the fresh Town, the cultural ancient capital, where the official version of Thailand goes

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original title: it is worth visiting small islands, refreshing towns and cultural ancient capitals. Where is the official version of Thailand going to


leisure, honeymoon, travel and family outing. There are so many reasons for us to go to Thailand.

Island, literary and artistic city, historical and cultural city, natural Town, there are too many places to wait for us to unlock.

the Sofar travel was invited to the Thailand tourism bureau director Lu Lan Juan, Tang , and we talk about different people to Thailand unique play "font-size: 16px; style= 16px;" I most love > her destination.

Thailand Tourism Bureau 2018, the latest theme of the magical Thailand tourism year is "quality and quality tour Thailand >

Q:2017" is a year of vigorous development of China's tourism industry. Can you take stock of what you have gained in China's tourism market this year?

data show that the first 10 months of 2017 there were 8199510 people in the Chinese visitors to Thailand, compared with the same period last year increased by 5.26%, accounting for about 28.44% of all foreign tourists, Thailand revenue 435 billion 491 million baht (about 87 billion yuan), an increase of 8.34%, accounting for about 29.57% of the total revenue of all foreign tourists.

Q:2017 "Elephant Island" because the restaurant was known to everyone, besides what is the successful launch of the "new " destination, and 2018 ready to promote what destination?

Secretary: Chiang Mai and Ko Lipe in 2017 compared to the success, in 2018 to focus on the promotion of "the city of Lampang, carriage".

, in addition to Bangkok, Phuket Island of Thailand's most popular destination

and sticky heat of Bangkok in contrast, Chiang Mai's climate is more comfortable. Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, was also the first capital of an independent country in the history of Thailand - blue nattai Dynasty, , known as the "Rose of the north" "and" Building Art Treasure Palace "title. Clip in Thailand, Burma border, integration of the culture of the two countries to form a unique color, combined with the geographical environment and traffic reasons, there have been isolated from the outside world, a number of local traditional culture, architecture, clothing, and delicacy, process, still have a distinct style of South Central Thailand and. In this small town, you can get close to nature, see the ancient temples and pagodas in the city, feel the pastoral scenery, wander around the small and fresh market and night market.

Ko Lipe, the most suitable Island walk, enjoy the beautiful beach destination

Ko Lipe is located in an Dammam Department of Hainan, is one of the southernmost island of Thailand. Ko Lipe is one of the 51 islands Tarutao national Ocean Park, the park has an accommodation reception capacity of the island, and only allow private island development. Because of the inconvenient traffic, the number of tourists is not much, and it is full of rough and primitive beauty. Walk around the island for 1 hours. It is suitable for a person to walk on a walk, or to walk in hand with your beloved hand. Snorkeling, diving, and nearby island tours are very mature, and can also take time to enjoy massage and relax in the resort. As a small island, the price is higher.

a elegant environment, temples in the city "carriage" city

Lampang dating back to the time of human settlement in the King River Basin, some of which date can even be traced back to 1000 years ago, the territory is rich from Burma and Lanna

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