A journey of Tang poetry through Xi'an

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original title: journey through the Tang poetry through Xi'an

2011 graduated with holiday started relatively frequent travel, there was no car, mainly personal freedom, as a backpacker, walk through the rain.

AX4 bought after the love on the car, I love to climb to the 2000 turn speed when the engine roar, love night road car water as spread music, love on the winding mountain road circling, speeding in the expanse of the Gobi love, love the scene one behind.

reading the previous paragraph of Feng Tang's essays, he said, leave only one book, and leave "Three Hundred Tang Poems".

I will love poetry, fantasy those well-known words on how the scenery, so in December car came to the Tang Dynasty Imperial Center of Changan, and Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Meng Jiao, Han Yu, Li Shangyin and other poets have a chance encounter, see how they did driving to deal with the college entrance examination, hiking, solve the crisis public relations......

to see the old book, when to join hands in Changan?

627 BC Backpackers Xuanzang foot 50 thousand

627 years BC, Xuanzang starting from Changan, went to Nalanda to strike, it lasted 19 years, fifty thousand years of travel.

648 years BC, after returning to the Xuanzang temple in translation of Buddhist classics. The temple is the most famous city of Tang Changan, the most splendid Buddhist temple.

Xuanzang statue glistening, head nod, looks elegant and humility, there is a silent force.

and the sea, who made a boat,

no long night, who is the lamp torch?

-- "the Western domain of the Datang"

738 A.D. Li Bai escaped from "North Guangzhou"

738 ad, Li Bai, a talented gifted singer in Datang, exclaimed "walking hard and coming back", leaving the capital of Changan in Tang Dynasty.

, as the most dazzling star of the Tang Dynasty, there are more than 30 Changan in Li Bai's poem.

here is his most land in Changan was in high and vigorous spirits, drunk with wine, Liu, persons of rank with Essien judge "flow" yelang. is his sad, everlasting longing for you in Changan, , Gudeng unknown Si stricken, roll curtain Mochizuki empty sigh. beauty is like a cloud. - "a" - the everlasting longing for you.

there is a necessary place for East out of Changan, Baqiao. Li Bai once wrote in a word:

sound swallow, West month Qin e qinlou.

Qinlou mid month, willow, baling do not hurt.

Le Tour on the autumn festival, Xianyang road you're far away. From: 穿越西安的唐诗之旅
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