The strongest force inventory: an enemy ten is home, Trinidad raid will cut the enemy

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original title: three strongest army inventory: an enemy ten is home, Trinidad raid will cut the enemy

three, between the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty period were Cao Wei, a situation of tripartite confrontation, Shu, Soochow three regime. At the battle of Cao Cao's army was defeated with sun Liu coalition, the Three Kingdoms situation gradually formed. At that time in successive years, war-torn environment, has a large number of troops, is absolutely the goal when the warlords. And in a large number of troops born with an enemy ten of the elite troops, is the real envy of the existence.

trapping camp

battle camp according to the record of only more than 700 people, but a well-equipped, brave, belong to Lv Bu's general high CIS management. Lv Bu in the "national Mobile Games Yingjie biography" are named "no fly" name, as the men of high CIS in the historical records described "will be more than 700 soldiers, as thousands of people, armor are scouring neat, every attack all broken, called" trap camp".

mentioned above "armor" should be the best equipped during the Three Kingdoms period, they were divided into heavy hoplite ranks. The ordinary soldiers in the period of the Three Kingdoms is cooked made of cowhide leather armor protecting chest back; senior point scale armor, thousands of pieces of iron dense, is the best equipped soldiers of Han Dynasty, because of the iron black, so called "Xuan jia". As Lv Bu's elite troops, advanced armor is obviously essential.

in the camp had been beaten with the closure of the Liu Bei army, fighting for its remarkable. And, because any time they set up earlier, the information is not recorded in the history of the battle. When Lv Bu was destroyed, the soldiers did not exist, "the time trap camp was a short-lived meteor, but left as merit.

in many games, the trapping camp is defined as a heavy armoured infantry, high blood volume, and high defense. Game player for general defense, attack speed is very slow is the only drawback, which is a common problem in heavy hoplite.

tiger leopard ride

Butch ride commanded by Cao Cao, and Butch ride has always been generals such as Cao Zhen, Cao Cao, Hugh and Cao Chun. The life of Cao Cao suspicious, the army is one of his most trusted forces, these can be from the "National Biography" in "the famous Yingjie copy" in understanding the game perfect repeat Cao Cao Jianxiong image.

"Wei Shu" and "Three Kingdoms" of the army, and the crucial raid fighting ability high praise. "The pure governor of the tiger leopard rode all the world." "Five thousand, ten heavy cavalry column Chen, Naked Sun, thief onetouch fear." Can be seen from these descriptions, Cao generals led by Butch ride is how tough.

in nine years (AD 204 years), in the battle of Nanpi, Butch ride beheaded Yuan Tan; in twelve years, Cao Cao North Wuhuan, "pure riding by department heads, the remarkable ability in" Trinidad raid; thirteen years of construction, Changbanpo war break Liu Bei Jian Anshi; six years. Cao Cao syndrome is played in the overtime horse "is Zonghu Butch ride, ride attack, broken, cut into Yi, Li Kan"; in twenty-three years, in the debate Butch ride Zhang Fei and Wu Lan break......

each time Cao Cao sent tiger leopard, trust and strength to cast the team in every emergency campaign. And Butch ride in most games in the image is described as the team can effectively charge into the enemy ranks, blow, break up of enemy infantry formations, corresponding to the history of emergency, Butch riding elite words.


in the year 221, the first lord Liu Bei to the emperor Shu of Wu, Wu and Sun Quan because the existing strength is less, let his men to be fully Hu counties to recruit soldiers, thousands of people, "trouble" two, Xu long left and right collar collar Hu in the Ministry of Christ, "trouble" soldiers set up reason in order to solve the trouble of the Crusade Liu Bei Sun Quan extremely urgent.

Liu Bei's eastern expedition, Sun Quan orders Han Dang to recruit elite and set up trouble soldiers. However, because of the lack of historical materials, how and how the war was designed to deal with Liu Bei could not be found. But, from the idea of Sun Quan,

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