OMG | Ni Nichou was up like a scare!

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original title: OMG | Ni Nichou is up like a scare!

is this the big Ni?

The movie "

" numerology, first by Ni Nichou cry. When the tofu, eyes, face buckteeth sesame, ugly to recognize. The degree of sacrifice was comparable to that of Chariene Choi in the "great saint" of the year.

director is very interesting, do you think Ni Nimei, happened to her extremely brutal ugly. It turns back to beauty, the ugly and the beauty, and the contrast of her more vulgarity.

this time Ni Ni acted as a chivalrous girl iron dragonfly. Pretty straightforward, pretty sharp, when she wore coir raincoat hat in the rain eaves and smoke, little androgynous feeling.

The degree of

outstanding martial arts scenes called the force value of play. Tsui Hark's martial arts women, from Brigitte Lin to Ni Ni, have a little resemblance: strength is greater than beauty.

's recent play, Ni NII is more and more fascinated by this kind of money. A Zi, in the biography of Wukong, is a "violent maniac", and how unruly the monkey is, and not to be soft in his hand.

right "in the" Phoenix Phoenix micro for ancient natural born more rules, but found correct steady men also quietly reveal a heroic Phoenix micro.

not to mention that Ni Ni himself confessed that he had picked the play to see his personal taste. If you've just seen gogoboi want her to show her the best actress of Oscar, it's just Ni Ni's taste.

is quite different from her personal style. Look at the Ni Ni wear coat with coffee color Sen female hat, always think of her gentle and quiet? Clothes will be fraudulent.

like she likes cats, she wears thick clothes in her boyfriend's arms, is she a little girl? But she could not hide in her manners.

a flower that does not smell, is NII himself. Compared with the jade ink amorous debut, Ni Ni wanted to find out clearly in the movie world in a unique style, become an independent school myself.

but it's not easy. But if she really wants to ask for something, the experience of her predecessors is so thick.

Hsu Chi, from naive to sexy woman character. Early Hsu Chi, in the movie world under his sexy tree, her sexy charming but not dust, thick lips and curly hair brought rich woman in an innocent smile and lovely eyes is a sublimation of times.


wants to go that way, Hsu Chi may be a sexy symbol. But she was obviously doing more than that. When the Stephen Chow movie "journey to the west" in the period of drop article Miss dancing in the moonlight, beyond the beautiful and sexy style called dan.

Hsu Chi can do it, and others don't. Temperament, spirit and connotation is lack of one character.

wants to give a person everywhere impression of Ni Ni, hurried toward the second ladder of promotion.

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