1000 yuan in the | travel box can be installed and durable, is ta

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original title: 1000 yuan in the | travel box can be installed and durable, is ta

a time ago, we saw a news on the Internet,


stars who usually travel in first class, and have gold card treatment, have not escaped.

Allen Lin's box directly smashed a big hole.

the Zhang Jingchu suitcase is more simple and rough, the direct card broken "one leg".

after all, there is no way to avoid violent shipments, and we can only do some work on the choice of the trunk.

air trapeze, also encountered all kinds of sister Airlines if sister. has a set of standard mode for luggage selection, not pick luggage partners can be directly applied.

standard 1: the wheel must be a universal wheel, and the pull rod must be flexible.

and bar, do not know if you have not had that kind of experience, through security, or to move on a plane above the luggage storage box when the rod will not say what it is in a embarrassed!

good is in high tension, feel smooth; when different height position, firm handle.

standard two: the shell should be paid attention to, not only to prevent the fall, but also to be waterproof.

now on the market, there are many kind of cloth material box box, although not afraid to fall, but is not conducive to the protection of the luggage, but if it rains on the ignorant circle.

so the trunk shell, if elder sister suggested that choose hard shell texture instead of soft cloth box, the former can be waterproof, pressure resistant and wearable. hard shell luggage, generally made up of three materials, PC, ABS+PC, PP, of which PC is the best material.

when buy, to see the price tag, it will be marked.

standard three: large capacity and light

there are also some fashionable bloggers with four or five boxes once!

> of course, the box is not only to be able to install, but also to be light, otherwise the loading of something, the free line of shipment is required.

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