500 platforms under strict supervision, small and medium platform anxiety compliance

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original title: 500 platform exit under strict supervision, small and medium platform anxiety compliance

if last year was the first year of net loan regulation, this year was the year of compliance. In 2017, the net loan industry was revolting around the two words of "compliance". The problem platform accelerated to withdraw. Most of the small and medium-sized platforms were busy with bank depositing, completing quota management, and offline irregularities. There are also some platforms for transformation and upgrading, round the dream of listing. But analysts view, in 2018, the industry will usher in the "record", were the first record platform will gain competitive advantage, then the industry will also be re arranged seating chart.

nearly 500 platforms dejected


2017, the heavy supervision documents of the net loan industry have been introduced in succession. The CBRC in February 2017 and August respectively issued "network lending funds depository business guidelines" and "network credit information intermediary business activities information disclosure guidelines", marking the net loan industry bank depository, filing, information disclosure three major compliance policies all landing.

After the clear supervision of

, many problems platform or the platform which is difficult to complete the record is chosen to exit. Statistics show that as of the end of November 2017, the number of P2P net loan industry operation platform fell to 1954, compared to the end of 2016 to reduce the 494, from the perspective of the number of every month of 2017 P2P net loan platform operation, gradually reduce the trend.

Senior researcher

Suning Financial Research Institute Xue Hongyan said, overall, 2017 net loan industry even the effective control over risks in strong supervision, from the data as of November 2017, a substantial decline in the number of platform to run away, at the same time, to explore the transformation of the head platform, and platform of anxiety compliance, significantly enhance the degree of industry concentration, accelerated differentiation the situation is obvious, the TOP 30 platform trading volume accounted for nearly 30 percentage points in just one year, nearly 60%.

In terms of volume,

has grown steadily throughout the year. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of November 2017 this year, the total industry net loan volume reached 25800 yuan, turnover increased by 41.8% compared to the same period in 2016.

however, the concern is that 8-10 months of this year, net loan industry turnover rising three, due in mid August this year, many underground "no increase" notice, analysts said that the rapid growth of the industry scale has temporarily come to an end.

small and medium platform anxiety

for most of the small and medium-sized platform, butt bank deposit management, the offline standard is the important work of this year.

has seen from the effectiveness of net loan bank management. Data show that as of December 4, 2017, a total of 879 normal operation platforms announced a direct deposit control agreement with banks, accounting for 44.98% of the total number of P2P online lending industry's normal operation platform.

, however, there are still a lot of feline, such as "partial deposit pipe", storage pipe stealth, and so on. In this regard, in the end of 11, P2P network lending risk special rectification work leading group office issued "on the Internet lending funds depository evaluation work notice", it is understood that the evaluation has been carried out mainly for the net loan funds to depository institutions and on-line net loan business of commercial banks has been in existence.

from the effectiveness of the quota management, network lending industry compliance with a significant improvement. In November 2017, the total value of over 200 thousand yuan was 40.94%, which was 22.3 percentage points lower than that in August 2016. The cumulative amount of the amount that was over 1 million yuan in November 2017 was 29.43%, which was 24.7 percentage points lower than that in August 2016. In addition, the industry has an obvious small and dispersive property, and the number of active borrowers in the month exceeds the number of borrowers.

The Czech

co-founder Wang Xiaoting said, after more than a year of compliance rectification, some small and medium-sized business platform is not compliance, low qualification gradually withdraw from the market, industry of air purification industry, has grown from a savage return to the rational development of "bad money drives out good money positive effect gradually.

head platform for listing


has to mention is the tide of listing in 2017. In the second half of this year, a number of platforms, such as 360, credit (registered red packet) and patted loan, have been successfully listed in the United States. And the synchronization with these platforms, the domestic cash loan, the continuous tightening of the network small loan supervision.

's small upsurge for the Internet financial industry is at 100 points. The IPO market in the US is short due to the short queuing time. In the 4 P2P platforms that have been directly listed, 3 are listed in 2017, and 4 common business types are consumer credit. It is worth mentioning that, due to the special rectification of domestic Internet finance has not yet ended, the A share direct listing is still difficult to open in 2018. The US and Hongkong China will still be the first choice for the P2P platform to go public.

this round of listing platform, a lot of cash loan to obtain high profits, and further accelerated the supervision of cash loan. The regulatory authorities set out "combination boxing", from the upper limit of interest rates, the prohibition of violence, the source of funds, and the license plate. Some small and medium-sized platforms have turned to the development of the vertical subdivision of consumer finance, credit loan, car loan and so on. On the asset side, the asset end scope of the P2P network loan platform has further narrowed this year, such as the campus loan and the gold exchange business have been banned, and the cash loan business has been rectified. At 100 Cheng, P2P's future asset end "small dispersion" is more clearly defined. In 2018, consumer finance and car loans will continue to be stable

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