428 IPO companies have completed their listing for more than 220 billion yuan this year

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Shanghai Stock Exchange published the latest issue of the issuance of information in December 25th. Statistics show that, as of December 22nd, this year, 428 IPO companies have been listed and raised 225 billion 572 million yuan.

specifically, the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 211 IPO companies completed the listing, raising capital 136 billion 861 million yuan, 9 companies issued, 12 companies will be issued. 78 IPO companies in the Shenzhen stock exchange were listed on the market, raising funds for 37 billion 586 million yuan. In the issuance of 4 companies, 3 companies would be released. 139 IPO companies in the Shenzhen stock exchange were listed on the market, raising funds for 51 billion 125 million yuan. In the issuance of 6 companies, 12 companies would be released.

statistics also showed that from December 18th to December 22nd, there were 11 new newspaper companies, including 4 Shanghai Stock Exchange and 7 Shenzhen Stock Exchange, including 2 small and medium board and 5 gem enterprises.

In addition to

, as of December 22nd, this year added 374 newspaper companies, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange 155, the Shenzhen 219 (52 small plates, the gem 167); the Commission by week board, SME board and the gem starting to declare a total of 508 enterprises, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange 229, the Shenzhen stock exchange the 279 (79 small plates, the gem 200); the Commission published the first weekly reporting companies, 2017 to terminate the review of 116 companies, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange 38, the Shenzhen 78 (18 small plates, the gem 60).

concern is that the Commission on 2018 to focus on doing the work in the day before, put forward "increase high-tech enterprises with core competitiveness to meet the national development strategy, the new economy and new industries support".

, in the coming 2018, the capital market will intensify its efforts to support high-tech enterprises and new economic new industries that are in line with national strategies and core competitiveness, in line with the policy orientation of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. From another point of view, this is also the specific implementation of the State Council issued early this year on a number of opinions on the development of innovation driven by the county. Federal Securities chief investment adviser Hu Xiaohui yesterday to accept the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, because of the large number of listed companies need to make up the short board, the future capital market financing pressure two large, strong support for the high-tech enterprises listed in a rare time and space.

, in fact, in recent years, a number of leading enterprises have landed in the A share market through the way of IPO or mergers and acquisitions, forming a new blue chip sector in Shanghai stock market, forming a "blue chip" sector in the deep market. The Commission introduced at a forum on former vice president Jiang Yang, the national strategic emerging industries more than 1100 listed companies, accounting for 1/3 of the total shares of the company A. Jiang Yang said, the number of strategic emerging industries listed companies rose sharply, the formation of agglomeration effects are more significant, into a powerful positive energy for the capital market to better serve the supply side structural reform.

, in addition, statistics show that since 2016, 277 new listed companies have been listed in Shanghai stock market, of which 223 are high-tech enterprises, accounting for 81%, and 157 of strategic emerging industry companies account for 57%. In stock listed companies, the number of listed companies belonging to strategic emerging industries has reached 29%, which is 8 percentage points higher than in 2013. return to the Sohu, see more


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