The cold and warm, 10 minutes on a romantic Christmas Eve!

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original title: cool and warm, 10 minutes to a romantic Christmas Eve!

2017 Merry Christmas

Christmas roast chicken? Christmas cake? Christmas tree?

's ambitious Christmas menu

what's the step of now?

if you see this article, you're still fighting in the kitchen,

to three yellow bare no place to start,

can't find the butter for Christmas cake,

the Christmas tree is not assembled yet,

was still empty on the dinner table...

or more sorrowful than the mess in the kitchen,

just got off work and you squeeze in the late peak subway

is more suitable for the takeout for this night...

is still working hard to reward Christmas day

people, especially

10 minutes Christmas dinner quickly!

is absolutely romantic, delicious, and unique!

Christmas Wreath broccoli salad by April rain


| broccoli 1 flower

strawberry | 1


| raisins


| cashew

purple onion | amount

black currant | ten


| pine


| tablespoons of tomato sauce

| 2 drops of olive oil

boiling water 700ml

The amount of water |


1. prepared ingredients, a broccoli, two drops of olive oil, strawberries, black currants, raisins 10 star 10 star, 8 star, red onion, cashew, pine nuts, amount of 8 tomato sauce 1/2 spoon, boiling water 700ml, water amount.

100 degrees of boiling water is injected into the

2. braised beaker. (this hot water kettle, braised beaker for THERMOS little red hat series)

3. wobble evenly and preheat for five minutes.

4. divides the broccoli into small flowers and into the container. The hot water in the braised beaker is poured into the broccoli, and the broccoli is preheated to fall off.

5. broccoli in the braised beaker, add two drops of olive oil, pour boiling water at 100 degrees, cover the lid and braise for 5 minutes.

6. braised beaker in hot water.

7. broccoli is immersed in cold water in a container.

8. drain water and put in the container.

9. slice of strawberry is pressed out of the shape and spare. Cut the purple onion and cut the silk.

10. drained broccoli in a circle.

11. loads strawberries, purple cabbage, and nuts.

12. the beautiful Christmas theme of the broccoli garland salad is done.

13. with a saucer of tomato sauce to eat better.

braised a broccoli and braided a Christmas Wreath salad with red fruit.

gives THERMOS 10 minutes

it's also a romantic Christmas Eve!