The United Arab Emirates has no sign for China, the longest stay for 30 days! There are so many beautiful scenes in this country.

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original title: the United Arab Emirates free of sign China, the longest stay for 30 days! This country has so many beautiful scenes,


good news!

Chinese passport just now added a visa free country.

it is what we call" tyrant country "--

up to now, the number of visa free countries in China has increased to


note that the UAE's signing date is:

of >2018 January 16th

from January 16th next year, as long as the passport valid, Chinese ordinary passport tourists to the United Arab Emirates, can" font-size: 16px; style= < span > "exemption visa , and the longest stay 30 !


with a small partner,

can not distinguish the United Arab Emirates and Dubai,



up to 828 meters of the tallest building in the world, Dubai is also known to the world landmarks, think you stand on the top of the scene, the horizon is a curve, not far from the touch of the setting sun, is not like in the cloud overlooking. But the building of sightseeing elevator is the fastest in the world, it only takes 60 seconds to climb to the top!

in the 124 layer view platform, a bird's eye view of the whole Dubai view, the The Palm islands, Lugger Hotel, and so on, quite spectacular.

denta at sunset, at this time a day and night can see two different styles of Dubai. You can feel the sky, sunset, night night and day beauty.

Dubai music fountain

the world's largest fountain