"Galaxy" Helm: $30 billion of overseas assets in warehouse

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original title: "galaxy" Helm: $30 billion of overseas assets in


author Ye Lu, Miao Lingyun

source of wild horse finance

Since the middle of 2016,

has begun to adjust the pace of expansion, not only the speed of buying and buying, but also selling many real estate projects in Tokyo and London.

and all of this change, in addition to reduce the debt ratio, strengthen the industry focus demands, "Guo Guangchang investigation storm" as well as the overseas investment policy tightening, is clearly an important background can not be ignored.

the wind changed, the galaxy of this ship, also need to change.

12 26, according to media reports, Fosun Group is seeking to sell its stake in Studio 8 of Hollywood entertainment and entertainment company. People familiar with the matter say that it is estimated to be 1 billion dollars and is seeking investment for Studio 8 movie. But it is still in discussion with the potential party.

Studio 8 was founded by Warner, former president of Warner pictures. In June 2014, 0656.HK signed an investment agreement with a shareholding rate of 60%, and its investment amount is far more than 150 million dollars. In the vision of Fosun, this investment can introduce Hollywood's advanced and mature film production experience and methods, movie idea, technology and perfect production and distribution system into the Chinese market, meanwhile, integrate the Chinese story and Chinese elements into the theme of creation.

interestingly, the project is Fosun, Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ) from the hands of cut Hu came, now 3 and a half years honeymoon period is over, in the case of overseas mergers and acquisitions roaring waves, Fosun intends to withdraw?


, Studio 8's internal mail says "fosstar will continue to be its strategic investor". Fuxing is telling www.yemacaijing.com, "Fosun" does not comment on Internet rumors. As a long-term strategic investor for Studio 8, Fosun will continue to support its development.

however, whether this property will eventually be sold as "Yongan financial insurance staged horse power game," galaxy "men? As mentioned in the article, "today's compound is not the same as in the past." Since this year's star group was included in the loan risk list, the Department has shown signs of a major adjustment.

ten years "sea naughty" road: from crazy shopping to carefully chopped hands

As an important player in the capital market of our country,

has always been interested in overseas investment.

According to incomplete statistics, financial

Mustang, Fosun international in recent ten years, at least 47 overseas projects in the bag, and many of them are premium purchase, a total investment of over $30 billion, so heroic, will make many "chop hand family envy. Guo Guangchang also got the title of "the sea naughty man".

specifically, after its listing in Hongkong in 2007, Fuxing international proposed the strategy of "China's dynamic grafting of global resources", which began to be distributed globally.

however, the embarrassing thing is that the ideal is very plump, the reality is very cruel, the first two years, the overseas project reserve has been zero. To this end, Fosun Group senior vice president Qian Jiannong with a small team of 4 people to "knock" visits in Europe until June 2010, after Fosun Group invested 25 million euros through open market investment holding 7.1% stake in the French Mediterranean club, since then, the pace of overseas expansion the galaxy turned into a high-speed road.

from the beginning of 2013, gradually accelerate the pace of overseas acquisitions in 2014 and 2015, a total of 3 years to complete the stride forward singing militant songs, more than 30 overseas acquisitions, the total expenditure of $about 10000000000, investment projects covered a wide range, from the bank to the medical insurance, testing and film, real estate, entertainment industry, are involved, a large network of over five continents.

above is a brief introduction to the overseas merger and acquisition project of the compound (clickable see the big picture)

combs a number of projects to invest in the compound, and it is clear to see the preference for the financial business. The Portuguese insurance underwriters, MIG and Ironshore...... from Asia to Europe to South America, many financial group and Asset Management Co have been taken, of course, there are also 2016 annual return on investment, investment in cover insurance, wealth management, comprehensive financial sector contribution to revenue 30 billion 400 million.

comes from the 2016 annual report

of Fosun International

, however, a small episode at the end of 2015, directly affected its 2016 process of oversea naughty.

12 10 February 10 Star Group chairman of the group lost the union, 11 evening announcement confirmed that Guo Guangchang is helping the relevant judicial authorities to investigate. "We will become more cautious when someone is excited," Guo Guangchang said in a media interview for the first time after his appearance in March 31, 2016.

and a year after that, the FOSS did not only disclose four overseas investment projects, including insurance, real estate and fashion industry, but also ended two overseas acquisitions in the first half of 2016: color.

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