The Japanese of three top photographers are so different in beauty!

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original title: three top photographers in Japan, the beauty is so different!

Paul Chong Chi and he feels well under the lens of classical Kyoto

"Photography is a more of a pleasure, it" - Yasui Takashi.

Takashi Yasui (Takashi Yasui) from Osaka, is an authentic Kansai people. And can be said to be a modern photographer, all of his works are published through Instagram.

now resides in Japanese photographer Paul wells Chongzhi, shooting works begin with local things, even if not to the Kyoto, but also can feel from his picture to the local atmosphere, each photo can make people understand the unique local carefully aftertaste, in the eyes of the beauty of kyoto.

the main equipment used by photographers is FUJIFILM X-T10 and X-M1. The lens has XF35mm F1.4 and XF14mmF2.8, and VSCO VSCO is used for post production.

Bao well Chong Zhi, 35 years old, began to share the beauty of Tokyo and Kyoto on his Instagram account "tuck4". From his more than 1000 picture, we can see that he photographed the cherry trees outside the temple flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, sunset scenery etc.. The photos are mainly from the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, the Dou Dou, Mt Fuji and the temple of France. The number of fans in Yasui Takashi is now more than 59 thousand.

is because the photographer has lived in Kyoto, even the same shooting famous sights, but there will be different from the general travel pictures, let me think about a trip before the heart of the film, if we live to travel attitude, what will become. If you go to see his work, you will find a lot of repeated locations, and "the place of life as a new environment to feel different, those pictures make me feel that every day he will go to this place, then just record this place daily, but can still be found when in the United states.

after Hamada Wise and his Japanese style

speaking of Japanese style small fresh style, it is the Japanese photographer Hamada Wise (Hideaki Hamada). 1977 was born on the island of light road in Hyogo, Japan. As a photographer and folk band guitarist Songbird, with his wife and 2 sons living in Osaka in Sakai City, live a happy life.

this to the warmth of the Japanese style photography photographer has been in his photographic works to convey to the people's life. These works are conveyed not only for the Japanese people who just woke up from labor pains, but also for most people, ordinary and peaceful life is the greatest happiness truth. Often ordinary things can create whirlpools in the depths of our hearts, and more and more people like this refreshing photography style, which allows visitors to feel better and live close to life and enjoy the quiet beauty.