Coquettish sensual teacher's sister "real Three Kingdoms 8" new information disclosure of FAMI

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This week's

FAMI discloses the PS4 platform game "scheduled for February 8, 2018 sale of the Dynasty Warriors 8 (Shin Sangokumusou 8)" the latest information, the disclosure of the content except for some characters, also can strengthen the ability of the generals cooking room.



Sun Jianzhi, a female officer under Sun Shangxiang. The relatives and Zhi Ayumi, Wu Yi appreciated by everyone. The post of Sun Shangxiang escort. Very good at using the fast attack Yuanyang tomahawk.

music into

from civilian soldiers become Cao Cao's generals. In many battles, they take the lead and are very small, but have a good physical quality.

method positive


Liu Bei of sichuan. Good at making strategy, as the staff put down Yizhou, will actively participate in the Hanzhoung raiders. There is a grace will also, vindictive man.

clock will be

The success degree of the young generals

There was no parallel in history. Brilliant, the battle is very positive, but because the character is not very confident by the senior generals of the trust, has a heart of hatred and Deng Ai.

Guan Xing

the son of Guan Yu. A child is very heroic, even Zhu Geliang are high hopes for the. It's very good at using the blade.

eat increase their ability!

takes the related material into the house and can be recuperated. If you eat the food, you can get similar effects, such as the increase of attack power and the increase of experience. In addition, in the room with the game time in the restaurant after the generals will also respond to physical.

can be made of fried wild vegetables, steamed fish, roast chicken, and so on, the content is very rich. The words eat grilled chicken under the string, jumping operation force generals will rise in a certain period of time.

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