The resumption review of the A stock market of Huizhou bank is less than half a month from the resignation of the original Chairman

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original title: A stock market recovery review of Huizhou bank, which is less than half a month from the original chairman's resignation.

, the original chairman resigned less than half a month's Huizhou Merchants Bank, the A share issue also quickly resumed review.


On the evening of

12 26, the 3698.HK issued a notice that the CSRC had issued a notice of restoration review to the bank recently, and decided to resume the examination of A share issue.

as the first joint reorganized bank in the National City business, the Huizhou bank has been waiting for the A shares to be listed. In June 2015, the Anhui banking regulatory bureau has agreed in principle that the Bank of Huizhou merchants issued A shares for the first time, with a scale of no more than 1 billion 228 million shares. However, in March 2017, Huizhou merchants bank suddenly announced that it had submitted an application to the CSRC to suspend the issuance of A shares, which is due to the replacement of the audit service institutions. The application was subsequently approved by the SFC.

Because the

Merchants Bank board with the largest shareholder in Shanghai Jing (industry) group (hereinafter referred to as "static group") between the differences, the A shares listed on the road can be said to be stumbling.

, chairman of Gao Jing, chairman of the static group, has repeatedly said in a media interview that he was not the first largest shareholder to sign on the updated version of IPO declaration materials of Huizhou Merchants Bank. The board of directors, the board of supervisors, and the executives of the Huizhou bank pointed out that the problems existing in corporate governance could affect the IPO progress of A shares, but did not respond.

In the disagreement between Huizhou merchants and Jing Jing group, the role of former chairman Li Hongming is more critical. Gao Yang has said publicly that the quiet and Merchants Bank Board of directors no differences, we only have differences with merchants bank chairman."

On the night of

12 12, the Bank of Huizhou merchants announced that Li Hongming resigned from the chairman of the Hui merchant bank because of the change in his work. The president of the Bank of Huizhou merchants was taken over by Wu Xuemin. After receiving the surging news interview, Zhong Jing group said that because the new management has just been in office, whether the differences between the two sides can be eliminated, it is not easy to say yet, but it will actively communicate with them.

Merchants Bank many times this year was the regulatory authorities of major violations penalties, including bank acceptance pledge deposit derived from credit funds, loan management is not in place leading to credit funds back to the borrower's account for customers, for no real trade background bills business.

as of now, a total of 14 banks in A shares IPO normal queue state, respectively Changsha bank, Harbin bank, Jiangsu Zijin rural commercial bank, Lanzhou bank, Qingdao rural commercial bank, Suzhou bank, Xi'an bank, Weihai City Commercial Bank, Zhejiang Shaoxing Ruifeng rural commercial bank, Zhengzhou bank, Zhejiang bank, Xiamen bank, Jiangsu rural commercial bank, merchants bank dafeng.


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From: 徽商银行A股上市恢复审查,距原董事长辞职不到半个月
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