God replies | technology Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau called Jia Yueting returning to China this week: money, home for the new year!

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original title: Science and technology | God reply Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau called Jia Yueting returning to China this week: money, home for the new year!


computer housekeeper encountered tinder software to intercept, Ma Huateng heart OS: your acquisition of tomorrow; Alipay was to pull out the wool wool party, against spam messages harvest several hundred thousand dollars, I was lost in the starting line of the road to riches...... In the evening, look back on what can not be missed in the news of science and technology and the reply of the netizen.

: QQ product promotion virus like tinder, Ma Huateng: the team has asked for rectification violations, apologize to

day before, there are users, security software program of Tencent official tinder the poison, to automatically block processing. In this regard, tinder gave detailed explanation, this non manslaughter, false positives, but Tencent to promote their products, problems of serious functional offside, like virus propagation etc.. Yesterday evening, the Internet critic keso forwarding "intercept" product description below the tinder Tencent, Ma Huateng admitted that the team is the Tencent after the self violation, and claims to have strict rectification and apology. The Tencent stewardship official has issued an apology statement today, which indicates that the products that have been dealt with offline will deal with the responsible persons, do not tolerate the behavior that is against user value, and welcome the supervision of users and agencies.

@ you guess what I have: no housekeeper does it, and the speed is up.

@ inelastic collision: 360 silently points a cigarette: do you have me in your eyes?

@ ice lake Penguin: user experience? No, the installed amount is king.

@ fish porridge: the next step is to acquire the tinder.

Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau ordered Jia Yueting to return to his country, lawyer: no coercive effect of

according to the NetEase financial reports, Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau issued the "Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau on ordered Jia Yueting to return the responsibility notice", ordered to LETV former chairman Jia Yueting in December 31, 2017 before returning, earnestly implement the actual control of the company's obligation, cooperate to solve the company issues, and properly handle the risk of the company, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. However, the regulators of the propaganda Jia Yueting, ordered to return responsibility does not have a mandatory role. Xu Feng, a senior partner of Shanghai Chuang yuan law firm, said, "no way to come back, no way to enforce Jia Yueting's return." it can only be added to the integrity blacklist of the capital market.

@ card Cousy tread: Beijing securities regulatory bureau: rich and no money, go home for the New Year! Jia Yueting: OK, come back next week.

@ hot: I checked, December 30th departure from Losangeles, December 31st to the four flights to Beijing are American Airlines and United Airlines, and China credit system are not linked, will not be "prohibited by plane" restrictions, Jia teacher and take any of the flight home to meet the regulatory departments ordering requirements. As long as American air fare is 517 knife, I can reimburse Mr. Jia for this ticket.


is to pull out the wool wool Party: one short time to obtain 1 million 370 thousand yuan red

Alipay recently launched

invite you to carve up 1 billion red activity, the wool party eyeing, and successfully pull out Alipay's wool, circulated on the Internet in the screenshot, some Alipay users get 1 million 378 thousand yuan a red envelope in a short period of time, some get 525 thousand yuan red packets, at the same time show there are 100 thousand + Red on the way. But it may be that some people take advantage of the name of the name of Alipay Alipay to pull out the wool. The above extreme profit is likely to be obtained by sending text messages by group members. The red packet page clearly shows that there are 100 thousand + red packets on the way, and 100 thousand + invitations fail.

The Little Mermaid: Alipay

@ is to pull out the wool is a kind of experience?

@ cool dream: I was another step late and lost on the starting line of the road to getting rich.

@ I'm going to be fine: paying Bao Lao users and dogs can only get 10 Fen a day.

Amazon and Microsoft employees are exposed to prostitution scandals

, according to Sina Technology reports, foreign media Newsweek has obtained an e-mail record, which is sent in 2014-2016 years. The recipients of the mail are multiple brothels and pimp. The sending members of the mail are employees of some technology companies. It is reported that there are 67 accounts from Microsoft employees, and 63 accounts from Amazon employees. Besides, there are also some mail to employees in technology companies such as Boeing, T-Mobile and oracle bone inscriptions.

@ bamboo Thorn: the whoring also uses the mail to communicate, good normal operation.

@ Meng GUI God: why should we use the company mailbox to 2333

@ meow City: don't you know you can't wear school uniforms to the Internet cafe?

beauty girl combination SNH48 will launch the world's first star artificial intelligence

with the PAI public chain

, according to the golden financial report, recently, the American girl idol group SNH48 announced that it has been with the famous personalized artificial Intelligent Company ObE in the United States.

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