The new glory of HUAWEI

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original title: HUAWEI's new glory

these days, Ren Zhengfei personally issued a called "glory brand mobile phone single commission plan" internal documents for shuabing.

the main content of this document honors the employee's bonus distribution arrangement. The document is called

    The general direction and principle of
  • .
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  • first line organizations directly obtain bonuses according to the number of sales lines;

  • If
  • reaches the target within the boundaries of internal and external compliance, the more grain grabs, the more bonus the bonus is, and the 13 level is likely to get the 23 level bonus.

"> in the time of issuance, it is said that the basis is very simple, as long as the company receives the payment of the sale of goods, the bonus will be issued immediately. That is to say, all the other departments of HUAWEI will send the year-end bonus in May of next year, and the fourth quarter will honor the year-end bonus. Every season will be awarded a bonus. The year-end bonus will become a quarterly award.

HUAWEI also encourages internal talent to flow to glory. It is understood that HUAWEI's internal policy said that as long as willing to glory employees, as long as the need for glory, the company will be directly mobilized to glory, the entire transfer procedures must be completed in 30 working days.

next glory will be more independent of global glory brand operation, overseas marketing and sales organization is related to the glory glory by business department directly responsible for.

asks for money, money for people, space for space, today's glory is wind, rain, and rain.

how to say, and listen to the uncle to break a piece of allusions first:

emperoryuan spent two years, Wei Qing led the troops out of the Hetao area positive attack, nineteen year old Huo alone with a Jones across the birds did not fly to the Qilian Mountains, in the environment, complete surprise; today echoed with the HUAWEI glory terminal and then Weiqing the N was on Huo similar, HUAWEI terminal build-up heavily, positive progress, adopted piecemeal, rolling formation; and the glory of Qingqi, the title pieces into the disease, Rao enemy after lightning attack.

today's glory will become that in Yuan Shou seven years to accelerate the Han Hun decisive moment coming super cavalry? The uncle thought it was possible.

first look at the birth of the glorious year, glory come out, is only the beginning of cooperation between HUAWEI and HUAWEI terminal operators subject to the deep, and the whole group overstretched and many practical situations, like Han Han can not feel restricted baggage fast attack and defense and let Huo Qubing led the formation of a jones.

as the Hun army began to call him to Huo children young and ignorant, uphold the barbarians to cure the glory of a director Yi did not start to peer attention, and the glory of the team was even dubbed as rivals imitate the doings pixel level, the glory is just a spoiler that.

but the internal positioning into the moat, external is considered to be a spoiler glory but with an open mind and ISM approach, the first firm after the final station high in the domestic market and beyond.

glory can also catch up from behind and give full play to its Hussar speed advantage, a lot of HUAWEI terminal is not willing or not to try things that are bold and creative into glory, with artificial intelligence mobile phone as an example, the first and 2012 glory together to explore the application of AI laboratory in the field of mobile phone, make technology after the break, at the end of last year to be enlarged into glory Magic.

it is amazing, HUAWEI is just right, the glory of the glory.

again from its historical mission to

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