New progress in the streamlining of China Unicom: the reduction of headquarters staffing by 51.6%

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original title: new progress in the streamlining of China Unicom organization: headquarters staffing reduction 51.6%

in December 27th, China Unicom disclosed the latest achievements of lean body building and streamlining institutions: at headquarters level, the number of departments decreased from 27 to 18, 33.3%, and 1787 from 865 to 51.6%.

at the branch level, the provincial branch of the existing mechanism to reduce the number of 205, down 20.5%; the Ministry of personnel management positions to reduce 342, down 15.5%; municipal institutions reduced 2013, reduced by 26.7%; the city company team positions to reduce 73, reduced by 4.2%. The provincial company management personnel positions to reduce 415, reduction rate of 9.8%.

Chinese Unicom said, slimming fitness downsizing is promoting the internal reform of enterprises to change the mix of "first knife", the core is to thin bloated body, like health, change more personnel than work available, management of the body, to create "small management and large operation, strong cooperation" organization structure, establish customer oriented and market, to provide service line of the inverted triangle service support system, provide a strong organizational guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of the company.

according to the introduction, since the unified deployment of fitness and health since September 2017, China Unicom set up special institutional reform leading group work system to promote fitness and health, cadres policy, mixed change since the party mix change work only around 42 party, held on the 52 mixed reform issues are more than the total number of the past. One year party meeting. The sub committees are the main body responsible for the streamlining of our organization. We set up a leading group of lean and healthy bodies that are mainly led by leaders. We should arrange the arrangements for the overall arrangement and encourage the party members, especially the party members and leading cadres to be the promoters of reform.

In the selection of cadres for

, China Unicom has made the first selection of managerial personnel after the streamlining of the whole group organization. Until now, the average exit rate of managers is around 14.3%. After the end of the first appointment, the staff at all levels sign the "responsibility book for performance and task". In the lower position of hiring the unemployed people, Yi Yi Gang pay.

China Unicom also stressed that the next step will continue in the following three aspects: do well in institutional adjustment and process optimization, and promote normalization of all work. First, we should dynamically optimize and readjust our organization and strengthen institutional innovation. The two is to establish a market-oriented operation mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise. The three is to push forward the reform of human resources, and form a dynamic management mechanism of staff vitality, orderly flow of cadres and optimal allocation of talents, so as to maintain the normal exit ratio of group members 1.5% a year.

Chinese Unicom stressed that "downsizing simply means that fitness is the purpose, the company will focus on the" break "and" Li "" down "on the supply side to deepen structural reforms, focusing in-depth implementation of innovation cooperation strategy, to speed up the Internet business, enhance the innovation and development of new energy, promote the development of higher China Unicom quality, more efficient, more sustainable.

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From: 中国联通机构精简新进展:总部人员编制减少51.6%
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