Bigbang sun announces marriage with the first love: vows to spend the rest of her life with her!

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original title: Bigbang sun announced the marriage with the first love: vowed to spend the rest of her life with her!


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style= "font-size: 16px news has been a few days, but the F you selfish or want to chat with you about them, because this a few days after the discovery of this special attention the young couple is really low-key and lovely! But there are also fans with Jun said want to see their love, so today to meet the "font-size: 16px style= ~ you

part, baby who can look up the ~

come now; "

Mother sun and Min Hyo Rin 14 single "font-size: 16px style= 15 YG love during this affair is really quite! Low-key! you

but also can not escape the media piercing eye, the two had been photographed together in sweet street, warm sun squat shoelaces for Min Hyo Rin this scene, every boyfriend must learn it so

there are a lot of people wondering how they met, but your husband GD is their "lead person". In the program of Radio Star on the golden fishing ground, GD broke the news that the sun was looking for the heroine of MV at 1 o'clock in the morning, but Min Hyo Rin was just a friend of a GD friend. They felt that they would be well matched together. Then there is the back of the hot sexy kiss you

and at the time of this MV kiss in fragments have also become a hot topic, a kiss is really very romantic ~ you

GD said "MV" this one o'clock in the morning was a sad plot, but the sun during the day of the shoot quickly linked to the smile ear on the size of

SUN asked in the program will write to his girlfriend, he said "it will usually want to write" letters sometimes myself, may also send you flowers together and

F Jun also noticed that Min Hyo Rin drying out with flowers photos on INS, which also with "My Muse" (I Mousika) card, it is the gift of love you ~


in addition to these daily flowers love the small details, the album "Rise" in the hit song "eye nose mouth", it is the sun as Min Hyo Rin wrote the song you

BIGBANG member is ridicule Min Hyo Rin is the emotional controller of the sun, the sun is in high spirits of friends, but if one day upset all the time, do not ask can be expected to two people quarrel so