The 5 ways tell you how to read the original book, with 10 interesting and easy to read English novel recommendations

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original title: the 5 major methods tell you how to read the original book, with 10 interesting and easy English novels to recommend

for language learners, to master a foreign language, reading a lot is not less than, and a lot of reading books can not only make people learn to express the original style, but also to learn more exotic culture or more abundant knowledge, it is the thing to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

so, what kind of English original book is easy to read and interesting, and also can help you learn English happily?


first, please be patient with the recommended principle of recommendation:

1. is simple, easy to read

too much or too hard to pronounce words, sentence masterpiece too complicated book is not recommended, read two pages would not hold the books do not recommend, will attach a screenshot preview, you can first read it.

2. really embodies the cultural background of the English

is not Chinglish, a real English book and English novel written to a native speaker. In Britain and America, it is popular and popular. There are adaptable works that can help to read and understand. Through these books, you can understand the real English culture and English novels, absolutely enough for the original version of the book,

3. buy / find / download to these books?

entities or electronic editions, these books are genuine books purchased through authentic channels.

The Hunger Games

Novel series by Suzanne


the famous" hunger game "trilogy, the big cousin (Jennifer Lawrence) adapted movies should be familiar with. The novel is more abundant than the plot and content of the film, and it is very easy to enter the play. It is very exciting to read,

preview, vocabulary and sentence patterns are very simple and easy to understand, and no obstacles will be read,



The Notebook

Novel by Nicholas Sparks


"the notebook", a pure love but never marysue novels, the narrative seems plain, but very deep into the emotions, can easily be moved by the plot of the book and the story. (think of a discount flashlight in the dorm to see the tears in the quilt. )

> also a preview, very beautiful, and easy to understand:


A Clue to the

Novel by Edward St


a short novel, New York Times comments this is a novel-within-a-novel, the story revolves around a life just a few months to start the three characters the playwright, sitting on the train to discuss their inner world, they wrote their works and the view of death. A book that is suitable for quiet reading, there is no too much undulating plot, but the description of the people is very delicate.

From: 5大方法告诉你如何读原著,附10本有趣易读的英文小说推荐
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