The Minister of housing is speaking, and these cities continue to go to stock. In 2018, the house price of the county is expected to rise by 50.

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original title: the Minister of housing is speaking, and these cities continue to go to stock. In 2018, the house price of the county is expected to rise by 50%!

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the last virgin land, also to be reclaimed!

23", Wang Menghui, Minister of housing, pointed out that "23", "more than three or four of stock", and County town should continue to do inventory work.

this is the first time that the central government explicitly mentioned that the county has to go to stock.

price to the inventory, the same routine, the familiar formula, which means that 2018 will turn to the current price had not risen "font-size: 16px;" > (already rose is not included) part of the three or four line of the city and county rose, the city is expected next year rose about 50%.

speech by Wang Menghui, Minister of housing and construction, mainly divided into two parts, the first part is

adhere to the goal of regulation and control, do not shake, do not relax, maintain the continuity and stability of the real estate market regulation policies, continue to strictly implement all regulatory measures, and prevent and resolve the real estate market risks. The differential regulation policy is implemented to meet the needs of the first set, to support the improvement of demand and to curb speculation.

first, "font-size: 16px;" > "adhere to the regulation unwavering goal, efforts do not relax, continue to strictly enforce the control measures" and other statements and prior to meeting the requirements of a central line, which means that the has issued the purchase of credit limit, limit restricted control policies of these city, does not appear loose, otherwise it is called continue to strictly enforce the regulation and control measures, to prevent and mitigate the risk of the real estate market, because of rising, probability of collapse of the property market will be great.

in order to defuse the risk of real estate, the China Banking Regulatory Commission this year has been in the thorough investigation of funds into real estate, 12 22 July, the CBRC issued the "notice" on the standard silver letter business, one of which is "font-size: 16px, ;" trust funds may not be illegal to invest in real estate, local government financing platform, the stock market, overcapacity and other prohibited or restricted areas. Real estate will also be strictly restricted through trust financing, in short, housing enterprises financing is more difficult, which will bring a series of chain reaction to the housing market, and help Housing enterprises to take the lead in the 123 line to reduce housing prices and withdraw funds.

second, " differentiated regulation policies for all kinds of needs to meet the first set of rigid demand, support and improve demand, and curb speculative speculation. "in the central economic work conference, saying only" to implement differentiated regulation of ", Minister of housing, the equivalent of the sentence to explain.

does that mean that the policy of improving the demand for buying a house will be relaxed? For example, down down payment ratio.

cherry house (ytdfz8) believes that the current purchase limited credit policy, is actually the differential control, the first suite just need a down payment of 3, the same with the previous policy, to improve the demand, as long as you sell the existing house to buy, nor in the two set there is no need to distinguish, only the loan record.

only Beijing credit limit policy is the most ruthless, is currently the first suite Shoufu not less than 35%, the first non ordinary housing is not less than 40%; two sets of housing and credit recognition, ordinary housing Shoufu not less than 60%. Non ordinary housing loans Shoufu not less than 80%; the longest period of 25 years.

will it be possible to relax next year

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