Plump girls wearing no sense? Knitted skirts and ankle boots jeans, simple is the advanced sense!

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original title: the fat girls wearing no sense? Knitted skirts and ankle boots jeans, simple is the advanced sense!

French style elegantly wearing

in cafes, restaurants everywhere Dzodzo graceful beauty, wearing high heels, cross legged, mirror meticulous makeup after having afternoon tea, that is we often say that the recent delicate girl, you little fairies. Don't envy others, mastering these 3 bloggers dress by +2 classic outfit +1 French feelings, you can also become a shining winter street exquisite Girl!

came to the French women's life,

Copy their refinement and elegance

is exquisite, and many Paris girls are a big hand. So if you want to become elegant girls this winter with elegant manners, the easiest and effective way is to arm yourself with the use of style modeling. First, let's take a look at your learning example.

No.1 French fashion blogger Jeanne Damas

often focus on fashion blog friends must shoot at the main street for her not unfamiliar, she is not popular in the eyes of the peerless beauty, fluffy hair + retro red lips, slightly lazy undisciplined affection, is like a true portrayal of mark of fashionable French girl. You may not remember her name is Jeanne Damas, but you can call her a personal fashion circle the most "Paris"! At least the street photographer Olivier Zahm cordially called her "my favorite French girl".

high cold, in fact, her daily but some Huan off, this "crazy girl" was too much to love you Jun seals!

but... It is said that she has been credited to the "extra baggage sector"... The king did not cry, seals "fat home community"??? Her dress should be learned by every girl. The exquisite French girl is the first step to get into the Jeanne Damas!

Paris girl fashion law cannot do without stripes, simple style although low-key inconspicuous, but quite aftertaste, French fashion blogger Jeanne Damas will love it, create elegant temperament and can be looked at.

No.2 Garance Dor

Paris female photographer

Paris fashion photographer Garance Doll (Garance Dore) was called "Guardian o" by the New York Times

From: 微胖女生穿不出高级感?针织裙及踝靴牛仔裤,简单就是高级感!
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