Disney's century hegemony Road: four redemption and redemption to create a merger and acquisition Empire

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original title: Disney's 100 year hegemony Road: four self redemption and M & A Empire

Author: Hu Yong

source: titanium media

On the last day of

2017 November, Disney first announced that its annual global box office exceeded 5 billion dollars. After five days, Warner Bros. achieved the same result. By December 12th, globe pictures announced that it has achieved second such a box office results since its establishment in 105 years.

On the 15 th of

12, Star Wars 8: Star Wars: The Last Jedi released seven of the world's total box office for more than 740 million dollars. Therefore, Disney pictures has created a record of over three dollars in the box office for more than 5 billion years, and has become the first producer in the history of the total box office breaking 6 billion dollars in two consecutive years.

, just one day before the final Jedi warrior was released, Disney film bought twenty-first Century fuss for $52 billion 400 million. In the history of the media trade, the merger was next to $103 billion 500 million of AOL and Time Warner in 2001.

if you are not in a transaction of sophistication and ambition have an intuitive understanding of words, so there is such a simple fact that if the federal authorities rejected the merger, Disney will not only a sieve, but need to pay to break up costs in twenty-first Century Fuchs $2 billion 500 million.

in 2017, Disney created numerous dazzling record, however, consumers in Disney immersed in the building frenzy of consumerism and can not extricate themselves at the same time, and perhaps not many people will notice that this company in more than 10 years ago has been caught in a dilemma and hesitant predicament.

in 2009, the net revenue of Disney pictures has shrunk from less than 1 billion 100 million dollars in the previous year to less than 200 million dollars, and consumer products, parks and resorts, and media network businesses have all declined sharply. It was also in this year that Disney's second revenue fell from a year on year in 90s.

in the past more than 10 years, the traditional large studio system and industrial system of Hollywood have been unprecedentedly impacted and changed dramatically. Eight studios eventually reduced to six as one falls, another rises, the company now, this trend is still not prevented to happen.

, in the great era of the new collapse of the old system and the emergence of new order, through a series of operations and planning, Disney, the world's greatest and most ambitious entertainment empire, finally realized self salvation, rebuilt and built up his empire hegemony.

Mickey Mouse shot and red, after the World War II crisis, Disney entered television and amusement park market

Disney's classic opening logo

1923, after the first World War, human and struggling to usher in a brief peace, the slowly rising power is also a peacefulness.

in the Kansas City, Water Disney (Walt Disney) made an animated short film "Alice's Alice Wonderland" (Alice's Wonderland), he expects this movie, hoping to become a publisher's stepping stone to release Alice's series of movies.

this summer, Walt, 22, came to California and met with a publisher who was willing to issue this series of works. The date of release was in October 16th, and this day became the founder day of Disney company. Walter and his brother Roy Disney (Roy O. Disney) co founded the Disney brothers cartoon studio (Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio). Then in Roy's suggestion, the company renamed Walt Disney Studios (Walt Disney Studio).

lucky rabbit Oswald

Walter spent more than 4 years on the Alice series, but by 1927, he decided to make a new animation series. He created the image of the lucky rabbit Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and made 26 animated films for it. But in second years, he found that the issuer was playing with his heart to press the price behind his back.

, and even worse, after studying the contract between both sides, Walter realized that he didn't own Oswald's copyright at all, and all rights and interests were tightly held by publishers. It was not until 2006 that Disney had bought all the ownership of Oswald from the NBC world. At this time, the heartbroken watt realized that, in any case, he had to have the absolute control of the work.

then, Walter and his active artist Wubuyi Waxman (Ub Iwerks) developed a new image of the mouse, initially they name it Mortimer (Mortimer), however, Walter's wife Lillian (Lillian) but does not love the name of the pronunciation, so, this mouse has a new name - they call it the Mickey mouse (Mickey Mouse).

Iran Waxman made two Mickey Mouse films, but the problem lies in front of watt.

at that time, as the movie production and projection technology revolution, made silent has lost its glory, viewers have to sound

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