A small "game king" shops, a reality version of "late night dining room"

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original title: a small "game king" shops, a reality version of "late night dining

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"if there is no one to play with, it's just a pile of waste paper,"

34 year old brother 100, near Shanghai Fuzhou Road Antique City, operates a TCG card to the main business card shop.

called TCG, the English abbreviation of the set card game. This is based on physical cards, players need to buy random packages, or collect cards with other players' transactions, then build a group of cards against other players according to their strategies, which is a very high-end desktop game.

ten year old store

as early as 2007, the 24 year old hundred brother began to run a network store dominated by the game king card in Taobao because of his preference. At that time, the hundred brother felt that the market for Taobao TCG was very big, so he tried to open such an entity shop on the Internet in 2009. So in retrospect, 100 brother do card shop business is more than ten years.

100 brother said, the reason why the store opened in nearby antique blessing, mainly because many businesses selling games here, can be regarded as the focus of Shanghai shops. But at the same time 100 brother to ACGx stressed that although his shop opened in the so-called "bar street", but this game is not the same as he runs, and other games store products.

simple point, "War Within Three Kingdoms" is that we call the development board, you buy a few people can play. But we are this card exchange card, you open a box, not necessarily have what you want. Have you ever played "the legend of the furnace stone"? This is a typical TCG. "

is perhaps in order to increase the store atmosphere, perhaps from the heart, hope to be able to distinguish with other games, 100 brother in his shops inside and outside are covered with every kind of poster for TCG. Although in the eyes of passers-by these posters with other comic store and there is not much difference, but for the TCG game player, "game king", "leader", "card battle wars", the Warring States "Fire Emblem 0" these TCG card posters, or to let them see unique this shop.

In the eyes of many Chinese ACG enthusiasts in the eyes of

, the player of the TCG entity card has been labeled as a "tyrant". This is because the more rare cards, the lower the probability or overall distribution of the official card package. Many TCG game player in the collection of these cards, often choose to open a card packet delivery rate increase, or simply spend big price with other shops or game player trading, so as to obtain the card you want.

For example,

said some time ago, a "game king" game player in Japan sold four pieces of "blue white dragon" of their own hands, raising hundreds of millions of yen in private kindergarten tuition things for her daughter, it shocked many netizens.

100 brother told ACGx, these cards are sold at a much higher price, the main reason is that this card is 1999 sales of juvenile Jump by way of lottery ceremony scene, the global number of issued only 1000 limited edition. Even during his ten years of opening, he had not seen a real thing. For many of the game player "game king", "blue white dragon" itself has the collection value, nature is obviously.

"game king" player

may be due to 100 brother is itself a "game king" game player relationship in the shops he runs, "game king" card accounted for a large proportion. When ACGx offered to look at his personal collection, the hundred brother promised the request and made a thick collection of cards.

According to

, according to "100 brothers", the most valuable card in his collection is about the following card, which was collected at a price of more than 1000 yuan:


seems to be the most interesting place like the "king of games", which is the process of fighting and changing.

in the many TCG card games, the game king's rules of war can be said to be the most complex. For example, by

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