The SNAKE boss behind the snake that brother and Betta signed an agreement linked to bankrupt

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original title: SNAKE the boss behind the snake brother that hung

and Betta signed an agreement to go bankrupt

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12 month, anchor Betta users have been questioned the snake brother hanging open. Is a former occupation League player, is also a paradise of survival from the Jedi anchor, but not like that caused by 55 waves, why? Open ground bursts of reproducing operation of the video and the article crazy deny hung in 55, it attracted more media attention, was beaten to pause the live results, snake brother questioned assumed a Seoul, exposed to wind and rain, since I stand "attitude, not only their own almost no response, but also to appease the fans," no help me get to the bottom of the "talk", waiting for the day". In the face of unpredictable public opinion, perhaps this is the most sensible way to deal with it.

1. For the first time, it is questioned and hanged, acceptance test and maintenance platform

12 the morning of 18 August, micro-blog for the first time in the snake brother hanging open question to respond, but it is worth noting that he did not spend on whether they open up, but express is someone to engage in fish.

snake brother said it was going to get Betta

developed by national TV anchor Dishi and various B UP main station in the 55 hammer smashed, there are a lot of friends said, there seems to be 55 people engaged in open and macropodus. Of course, There are no waves without wind., 55 Jedi survival level too much contrast, character and the existence of a problem, this time is the other can not say wrong. After the 55 fish can be said to be inactive, debilitating, desperately area loss of a large number of audience. The hanging rumors appeared in snake brother, friends said, this may be a means of propaganda Betta, by hanging open to holding a gimmick without hanging anchor, took over the area of the audience to survive the Jedi, seems reasonable.

12 18 afternoon, micro-blog issued a long snake brother in the whole, the exclamation point seems to express his excitement. To sum up, the article wants to express three points. First, it has proved itself in various ways at the time of live broadcast, but there are some people who are "misleading audience view" and "misleading game knowledge" as the premise. Second, because once the seal number (according to the interpretation of non hanging reasons, and the day down), snake and brother Betta signed a supplementary agreement, if the hanging fans will pay large sums of money. If he hangs, he will have nothing. Third, all live account accounts are videotaped at any time.

serpent responds to

serpent responds to

since then, snakes no longer respond to the opening of the event.

two, the latest response wants fans to be rational and SS boss is out of

12 22, snakes made a very high press in micro-blog.

serpent responded and vowed

has a netizen at the bottom of the message asking him if he dare swear with his family and his fans' life. Snake elder brother took an oath with the familiar "growling body". He also vowed to highlight the premise before saying, "do not pull my audience and fans!" My own thing! Come on my own! " It can be said that light is the expression of the high EQ of snake brother, and perhaps it is because of this sentence, fans are more willing to pay for him.

12 23, micro-blog re issued long snake brother, hope the audience didn't help him speak.

serpent responds to

serpent responds to

snake club founder and CEO cool full forward and comment on this micro-blog, "I have confidence in our team has been training the player's character, if the goods are open plug-in hammer die, I apologize together with you, if the hammer rotten, the club is still alive, I still, I support you." It is reported that snakes were used to be the aid of the SNAKE LPSL team. Now the boss of the club is so strong that it can be said to be a brother.

SNAKE boss

, of course, is very strict with the boss and does not avoid the possibility of a snakes being hammered out. And as snakes say, we can't confirm whether he is going to hang up. Whether he likes him or dislikes his audience, he does not know who he should believe in his operations and the video of others. When the blue hole has refused to set foot in the anchor event, spectators, especially those who do not know much about Jedi's survival, don't know what the criteria of judgement are.

believes that he does not believe his argument, believing that his level will not approve of other people's technical analysis. People constantly quarrelling with each one sticks to his argument, will give the snake with brother

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