The first county-level city of Anhui Economy: the population is 630 thousand GDP318 billion, but the train is going to other cities.

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original title: Anhui's economy is the first county-level city: the population is 630 thousand GDP318 billion, but the train will go to other cities


see the topic may be questioned, think that the about thirty billion of the GDP does not seem to be much, there are many hundreds of millions of counties in China. But it has been proved that the gdp318 billion county is really the first county in Anhui Province, and the county level city can still be very strong in its province. Today I will show you the county level city called "Tian Chang".


first saw the name of the city, I couldn't help thinking of the idiom of "everlasting and lasting". The name of the city may have such a wonderful meaning to some extent. In history, it was a place set up by Tang Xuanzong to commemorate his birthday. It can be said to be a great hand, and the meaning is more profound. This city, which has a history of thousands of years, has also gone out of many famous historical figures in China, such as Zhu Shouchang, Xuan Ding and so on.

is now the city in the city in the province is even more thriving, as the only one for ten consecutive years in the top ten in the province is a county-level city, the city in all aspects of strength is very good, especially in the commodity grain and oil is more outstanding. And the city's geographical location is very good, and a lot of big cities around the surrounding, or the whole province of the "East Gate", all round.

but a great surprise, such a good location in the provincial economy, the most cattle in the county, is very inconvenient on the trip. You know here although the area is not large, but the population has reached 630 thousand, although the scale is not too big but it is definitely not small, but people here can only rely on the public bus, even a train had to go to another city, not to mention what the high iron, the plane, it is some limitations.

but in fact, this city is still charming, and all kinds of folk customs and art are quite distinctive. Almost everyone can come on a few of the folk song melody, a variety of forms, dragon dance, lion dance, Hanchuan is lively and grand, believe that we can win a lot of tourists. And there are many specialties here, the Qin hurdles, the Longgang crisp and so on sounds delicious.

wants to know the best of the meaning of a place, so the museum here must be the best choice. The museum has a collection of thousands of pieces, the records of different dynasties city historical stories, and many have strong local characteristics, can let you know more about the city, especially the ancient jade, lacquer is very precious, many friends have been impressed.

The establishment of

on Tianchang Gaoyou Lake Tourist Resort has become the province of all aspects of a landscape, the facilities are very good resort in recent years. Here the scenery is beautiful, there is a lake wide beach, fresh, natural and honest reeds such scenery, and there is a water park, water world and so many interesting man-made attractions. Here is a leisurely time for a vacation or a look at the natural scenery, which makes you forget to return.

Busan Wolong park is a very popular park in this city, and the Dragon King well, "how high the mountain is, how high the water is," is far and far more famous. In this park, not only can feel the real atmosphere of the city, to be able to see the many attractions such as Akira contains flavor, Xian Qiao, bright day Park, Hidden Dragon Temple and so on, is worth a visit.

about the city of the length of the city is here, although the traffic is not too convenient, but the scenery is still good, there is a chance to see.


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